4 Ways to Feel Confident Leaving the House without Makeup

Have you heard? The natural look is in. More women than ever are leaving their makeup brushes in their drawers and walking out the door wearing their natural skin. While this might be easy if you’ve never had a pimple, most of us aren’t confident enough to step outside without a little concealer, foundation, and blush. Here are a few steps you can take to embrace the natural trend without feeling self-conscious.

Find Your Perfect Moisturizer

4 Ways to Feel Confident Leaving the House without Makeup
Image via Flickr by Unfurled

There’s one thing that all women who have great skin have in common: hydrated, moisturized skin. Applying a daily moisturizer can reduce water loss and make your skin feel less rough. Talk to your dermatologist to find a brand that works for you, the doctor can evaluate how sensitive your skin is and make recommendations based on your personal needs. A dermatologist should also be able to recommend any necessary acne treatments, cleansers, or products that will make your skin look and feel healthy.

Don’t Forget the Sunblock
Even in winter, the sun can do a great deal of damage to your skin. Just a few hours in the sun can make skin look dirty and old; there’s a fine line between a sunkissed glow and leathery complexion.

If you don’t want to lather your face in SPF50 every time you leave the house, consider buying a powder foundation that offers SPF protection of 15 or above. You can lightly dust it over your face to get protection from the sun while maintaining a natural look.

Try Exfoliation Treatments and Facials
If you feel like home treatments aren’t working, consider trying a facial or exfoliation treatment. Often skin looks okay but feels terrible. Dry air might cause your skin to flake, while stress and weather conditions leave it rough and patchy. This can undermine your confidence, even if you’re not dealing with an acne flare up. This is where facials come in.

Facials and exfoliation treatments work to remove the dead skin cells on your face. Multivitamin scrubs can give your skin an extra boost of nutrients, while the stimulation from applying and massaging creams on your face can give you a natural glow. Not only will your skin look better when you leave, but you’ll feel lighter and more confident.

Take Baby Steps Toward a Natural Look
You don’t have to switch from a full face of makeup to a completely natural look overnight. Start by easing up on a few makeup tools (maybe less eyeliner or skip the blush) to get used to feeling less covered in public. Try taking a selfie with your new look to show the world how great you feel. As you get more confident you can keep removing parts of the makeup process until your routine is more focused on health than cosmetics.

Your confidence comes from inside you and creates a glow that no makeup can. A woman who feels confident will turn heads no matter how much makeup she is (or isn’t) wearing.