5 Hot Fashion Trends in 2017

Brace yourselves, fashionistas — 2017 is a big year for trendsetters. The latest runway styles feature several bold looks that are sure to draw attention. If you’re all about following the latest trends and crafting cutting-edge looks, there are several important points you should know about. Incorporate these essential elements into your look, and you can stroll down the sidewalk like it’s your own personal runway.

Stunning Stripes
Stripes are a huge fashion trend for 2017. They come in all sizes, colors, and styles, so you can work a trendy stripe into any outfit. Beachy stripes are the go-to look for spring and summer. Try a nautical stripe in combinations of red, white, and navy, or go for a pastel candy-colored pairing taken right from boardwalk awnings and charming beach umbrellas.

Thick stripes in rich colors will rule the autumn and winter months, adorning cozy sweaters and dresses. For a more serious look, banker stripes are an easy choice that will keep any business outfit right on trend.

Khaki-Clad Styles
Khaki is a major trend for 2017, but we’re not talking pressed pants. You’ll find khaki for all manner of pieces, including layered dresses, ruffled skirts, and loose feminine tops. You’ll also see khaki playing a big role in outerwear. The season’s hottest trench coat is a full-length khaki piece. Also big are heavy military-inspired khaki coats. Embrace the material, however you find it.

Timeless Florals
5 Hot Fashion Trends in 2017 Image via Flickr by muffinn

Floral patterns on breezy dresses are the must-have look for spring of 2017. If the colors and shapes seem a bit old-fashioned, you’re right on the money. This trend is a definite throwback with a nostalgic feel. Blue, gold, and pink are top shades for the look, but you can craft a winning outfit using any colors with a tea-party floral.

If all-over florals are too much for your taste, try going for a smaller pop of pretty flowers by decking out accessories like your cell phone case in this look. If you have a durable smartphone like the Apple iPhone 7, which is resistant to splashes, water, and dust, you can opt for a case that’s more fashion than function and go all out with your flirty floral style.

One-Shoulder Cuts
If you love asymmetrical looks, you’ll adore 2017’s cuts. You saw a lot of open-shoulder shirts in 2016. That style isn’t going away, but it is getting a fresh update with single-shoulder styles. You’ll find shirts with a single open shoulder as well as those that are completely off the shoulder on one side. This unbalanced approach is a stunning head-turner that’s impossible to miss.

Asymmetrical tops look best when paired with simple neutral pieces to complete the look. Wear these tops with black pants, an A-line skirt, or unembellished dark-wash jeans. Your arms take center stage when you go with this style, so don’t let any other part of your outfit try to compete, and keep jewelry to a minimum. Make sure you’re not subtle with your approach to one-shoulder tops, or it will look like your shirt simply doesn’t fit. Go big, and rock this look in a bold way.

Bitty Bra Tops
Bra tops, or bralettes, are a brand new trend that’s expected to hit shelves in 2017. These tiny tops have graced runways at Tory Burch, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander Wang shows. Going beyond the crop top, these items look more like lingerie than shirts. They’re incredibly versatile, showing up with everything from ruffled skirts to matching pants and blazer combos. If you want to minimize your bare skin, try pairing the bralette with a high-waisted floor-length skirt. This is a bold look, but its prevalence among top fashion lines makes it one that you’re sure to start seeing soon.

Whether you incorporate these styles as an all-over look or find more subtle ways to sneak them into your wardrobe, you’ll find that 2017’s most popular trends have a little something for everyone. Look for these prints, patterns, materials, and lines in your newest pieces this year, and you’ll have an outfit that’s perfectly on point wherever you go.