5 Most Fashionable Writers of Our Generation

For most writers, you will not find any fashion tagged on them. The last thing to consider for someone who wants to write a dissertation is how they look because what matters most is the task at hand. With writers, there is a belief that they must appear troubled with a wild hair and a worn-down face to be able to pull their writing off. The desire to be authentic, mentally unhinged, fully obsessed with words with a pose of a warrior having questioning morals has made many writers buy the idea to spark their creativity and relevance.

The notion held about writers and how they ought to be is an alluring one. There are some of us who believe that clothes are part of what makes a man. On the same note, naked people are considered of no influence on what society should do or present itself. However, there are some writers who have broken out from that cocoon both now and in the past. Here are the 5 most fashionable writers that you will find in our generation:

1. Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith is a 43-year old modern novelist of British descent who has interests in essay writing and short-stories as well. Her work, “White Teeth,” scooped various awards for outstanding content. She also has a collection of essays known as Feel Free. This writer is a combination of brilliance and beauty. She has made her own style that usually is captured in her signature head wraps and glasses.

5 Most Fashionable Writers of Our Generation

2. Michael Chabon

Chabon is a 55-year old American novelist and writer of short stories. Even without any other addition to enhance his fashion, Michael Chabon is described as one having bedroom eyes. The glimpse of his baby blues gets one thinking of his style and fashion. On top of that, he rocks a paisley shirt that cannot be matched with any

other. His geek classes and the badass Henley shirt are some of the fashion trends associated with him.

3. Simon Van Booy

Van Booy is a 43-year old Anglo-American author, now living in the US. He has interests in writing short stories where one of his collection – Love Begins in Winter came out first for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award in 2009. Simon Van Booy is a yachting devotee and a fired Apprentice candidate in recent times. This writer and philosopher of British origin adds some fashion to contemporary to literature. Renowned works by the writer include Everything Beautiful Began After.

4. Emma Straub

This is an American novelist who owns a bookstore. Emma Straub’s works include the Modern Lovers novel alongside others such as the Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures and The Vacationers. She also authored the “Other People We Married” short story collection. This is one of the rare writers you will find with a flower worn their hair. She is usually very astounding in that flower in a way that no one can match.

5. Donna Tartt

Donna Tartt, a 54-year old American author who has written novels such as The Little Friend, The Secret History and The Goldfinch. The Little Friend novel won the WH Smith Literary Award back in 2003. In the most recent times in 2014, The Goldfinch won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The writer is described as one of impeccable fashion that has found its way into her literature like The Secret History and her gallery of 2013 – The Goldfinch.

Final Thoughts

Finding a fashionable writer isn’t easy to come by but there definitely are those who know something to do with style. At least there will be one my essay writing professional who values fashion. Over the years, there are those who were recognized for their style and fashion as writers. Here are those that have been identified as the most fashionable writers of our generation. Even with their busy writing schedules, they have found time to stay stylish.