5 Surprising Home Hazards Harming Your Skin

Fresh, clear skin is not as easy to come by as you may think as everyday objects and environments could affect the health of your skin. Apart from harsh chemicals, there are some hidden objects in and around the home that harm the skin. Discover these harmful culprits, as well as ways to prevent them from ruining your clear complexion.

Unfiltered Sunlight In Your Sunroom

5 Surprising Home Hazards Harming Your Skin
Image via Flickr by Bill Wilcox

It’s tempting to nestle into an armchair that catches the last rays of sunlight while paging through a glossy magazine. As invigorating as that little boost of Vitamin D is, it could cause serious long-term damage to the skin. UV protection window treatments are not only great for the skin but could also be a great selling point when it’s time to move on to a bigger home.

Breathing In Dirty, Unfiltered Air
There is no amount of cleansers or toners that will make up for breathing dirty air. One of the biggest culprits is air conditioning units that aren’t serviced regularly. The filters clog with pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, mold, carbon dioxide, VOCs, and more. This makes its way to the inhabitants of the home and in no time, evidence of the dirty air is on their skin. A well-maintained air conditioner is also a good way to keep dirty, polluted air out of your home.

The AC Unit Is Too Hot Or Too Cold
Our skins are marvelous at determining the right amount of moisture to release in different weather conditions. When the conditions are too dry, the skin loses moisture. Unfortunately, staying hydrated can only help the skin so far. This is true for air conditioning units that are too hot or too cold. Rather keep to a mild temperature that allows the skin to hold as much moisture as possible.

Glaring Blue Light From Device Screens
The jury may still be out on this one pending further research, but it’s believed blue light emitted from device screens such as computers and tablets may have an adverse effect on the skin. The research is still inconclusive, but so far suggests that four days’ exposure to blue light has the same effect on the skin as spending 20 minutes in the sun.

Dust Mites and Dirty Pillows
Dust mites are pesky little creatures that make their home in furniture such as couches and mattresses. These little bugs come out at night and can leave horrible bite marks all over the body which could lead to scarring. Good cleaning practices in the home are essential to keep them at bay. At the same time, it’s important to dump those pillow cases in the laundry basket every few days as bacteria has a tendency to build up quickly.

While personal hygiene and a good housekeeping schedule can keep many of the skin irritants out of the way, it is essential to have a decent maintenance routine as well. The skin reflects the inner health of the body, which makes it essential that we consume the best, even if it’s just the air that we breathe.