8 Best Make up Tips for Glowing Skin

Every girl wants to look ravishing all the time, especially on parties and get-togethers. Besides gorgeous hair and fancy dresses, what a girl needs to look absolutely perfect is the glowing skin. You cannot think of achieving that with your face all covered with blackheads. Don’t worry! Just hit the internet and search for blogs on how to get rid of blackheads. You will find various tips, home remedies and tricks to clear your face of these nasty makeup destroyers.

Once your face is completely clean and fresh, you can try new makeup products to get a flawless glowing skin. In this article, I have some really interesting makeup tips that can help you get your fantasizing skin. Ladies, let’s turn your beauty mode on!

  • Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize 
  • Why are your moisturizing oils and creams sitting on your dressing table eating dust? Moisture is vital for your skin to glow. Apply the best moisturizing oils and creams at night just before you sleep. You will wake up with a skin as soft as a baby’s and as glowing as the full moon!

  • It’s not called Primer for Nothing:  
  • Remember that a primer is of “prime” importance. Buy a lightweight primer from Nyx Cosmetics and apply it on your skin before you go for the base. Applying base directly on your skin will only make the lines and wrinkles more visible. A primer will give your skin a smooth touch, filling in the creases and lines. It will also make sure that your skin doesn’t get dry the whole day!

  • Use a foundation that suits your skin type and tone:  
  • There are mainly 4 types of foundations: Cream foundation, Liquid foundation, Tinted moisturizer and Dual-finish foundation. Make sure your select the right type for your skin. Apply the foundation on your skin and spread it evenly ensuring no red spots or pores remain visible. It is wise to buy a foundation with SPF. In case you have to go out in the sun, you can rest assured your skin is protected.

  • Conceal with a Concealer:  
  • Use the best concealer to hide dark circles, lines around your eyes and any dark or red spots that the foundation couldn’t cover up.

  • Do some Contouring:  
  • If one thing that has revolutionized the makeup industry, it is contouring. With all the foundation and concealer on your face, you have a flat canvass. Now you can change your look entirely. You can make your nose look sharper, accentuate your cheekbones, create a more slim jaw line and so on – that is the beauty of contouring.

  • Glowing skin without an illuminator? No way! 
  • If you have not given a thought to adding up an illuminator in your makeup arsenal, it is high time you do. If you want your skin to give a nice glow, you cannot do so without an illuminator. Illuminate the best parts of your face with an illuminator like your cheeks, chin, tip of your nose etc.
    Free Tip: Don’t apply too much illuminator. It doesn’t look classy. Just a hint would be enough. Leave the rest of the glowing-job to the light and the science of reflection.

  • Blush it up! 
  • Feel like something’s missing? Of course, there is. You cannot leave your face all colorless unless you’re going out as a zombie that glows. Grab your make up brush and apply your favorite blush on your cheeks. Applying your bronzer with the blush will give you the perfect tanned skin that neither looks too scorched nor seems too colory.

  • Lock the look 

Now that you have achieved a flawless makeup, you cannot leave it unprotected. Seal the deal with translucent powder. You wouldn’t have to worry about your make up because the powder will keep it in place for you.