8 Groomsmen Gifts That Are Actually Cool

One of the most important tasks that you have as a groom is showing your appreciation for your groomsmen. Since they are the men closest to you and have seen you through life until this moment, it is important to show how thankful you are for them. Choosing cool gifts for your groomsmen is all about matching the items to their personality and thinking about the things that they actually like. This way, you are handing out gifts that will not end up at the back of their closet but will be cherished and enjoyed for the days to come.

Grooming Kit
The first step to having a great style is good grooming. Gifting your groomsmen with handy grooming kits not only shows that you are grateful, it also lets them know you care. You can build a personalized grooming kit by adding products that you would personally recommend to your friends or buy a set to make sure you got all their grooming needs covered.

Bar Gear
A well-equipped bar is essential for a fun night in with your friends. The fun thing about giving away bar gears to your groomsmen is that you can customize it to match their favorite drink. You and your groomsmen deserve to have fun so why not give them something that they can use for their next party.

For the elegant groom and groomsmen, cufflinks can be the perfect gift. Not only will they remember you every time they wear something dapper, you can rock matching cufflinks on your wedding day. Friends that style together, stay together.

For your adventurous buddies, a swiss knife can be the perfect gift. What could be manlier than going into the outdoors and relying only on survival skills? A knife is a gift that all your groomsmen will surely appreciate and use in their next adventure.

Gym Bag
A gym bag is a nice way to say thank you to your sporty friends. It is a thoughtful gift that lets them carry their athletic gear in style. To personalize, you can monogram each bag with your nicknames for them.

For your groomsmen who like to keep it classy and sophisticated, crystal decanters make for the perfect gift. You can help them make their next wine night even better with this gift. It is a gift that reminds them to toast for you the next time they want to enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

Tool tote

A tool tote is the perfect thank you gift for your handy friends. This gift is great for keeping all their work tools together so they can carry everything wherever they go. There are also a lot of ways to personalize this gift by throwing in a cool tool that you want them to have or having the tote monogrammed.

Cigars & holders
Lighting up a cigar to celebrate an occasion is a time-honored tradition. For your friends who like to stick to the classics, cigars and personalized holder would make for elegant gifts.