Boost Your Mood by Adding Colour to Your Wardrobe

Although the dark winter is moving slowly towards springtime, it’s still providing us with plenty of dark and long nights. It’s no wonder you long for a little pick-me-up during winter. One of the easiest ways to boost your mood is by adding more colours to your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas and how to enjoy more colours, brighten up your mood, and avoid spending a fortune while doing it.

Do colours matter?​
​Before we look at the different ways you could be adding colour to your wardrobe, you might need a bit of reassuring that it actually works. Studies have shown that different colours do have a different effect on the mood. Certain colours, such as red, have been found to be energising, causing the body to pump out more adrenaline, whilst others, such as blue, can have a calming effect on the mind. In short, the clothes you wear in the morning can impact your own mood, but also the mood of those around you.

The colours and their effect on your mood
So, what do the colours do to your mood? Let’s look at a few colours you should be adding for a mood-boost. Red is a strong stimulant, which can give you more confidence and energy. The colour is great for drawing attention and showing your passion – perfect colour for dates! If you want something a little less intense, then you should opt for orange. It’s going to add energy to your step, but in a bit more soothing style compared to red. Orange is also perfect for feeling positive and focusing on the bright side of life. Another obvious sunny colour is of course yellow. The colour can offer the perfect pick-me-up for a bad day and if it’s all grey and rainy outside, add some yellow to your look. Furthermore, yellow is linked with inspiration and intelligence. If you want to get new ideas or feel more confident at a work interview, or an exam, add yellow to your wardrobe.

The above three colours are obvious energising colours. But there are other beautiful options for a confidence boost or for feeling just slightly better. If you are feeling worn out or stressed, you should add some green to your style. The calm and soothing colour of nature will help you relax and feel anew. While you want to stay away from the colour blue if you are, well, feeling blue, the relaxing colour can help you feel more creative. So, if you are running out of ideas or you need to stay cool under pressure, blue can be a funky addition to your wardrobe. But as mentioned, avoid the colour if you aren’t feeling happy. Interestingly, another colour that might help you feel inspired and help you make quicker decisions is purple. The sophisticated colour of the royalty is perfect for boosting your intuition and adding more energy to your thinking. It’s also a great colour for making you feel a bit more luxurious! You shouldn’t forget about pink either when selecting mood-boosting colours. The colour is actually a calming colour, making it perfect for a boost but not an energy spike. The bright colour is about being happy and having a good time, but doing it in a relaxed way.

How to add the above colours?
In order for you to get the above benefits of the specific colour, you don’t need to create a fully pink or blue outfit. You should just find a few key items and accessories in a specific colour and then wear these when you need a boost. A great way to add colour is with a brightly coloured t-shirt of your choice. You can use it with a cardigan and jeans, or even wear under a hoodie. Basic T-shirts in multiple colours are available for cheap from H&M or Primark. Another funky option is to pick a colourful pair of heels. A pair of pink heels is surely a great addition to your little black dress and makes you feel happier in an instant. If you want a big boost in energy, pick a pair of orange or red jeans.

You can also add colours with accessories. Since summer is fast approaching, you could find a pair of yellow, pink or purple sunglasses from Everything 5 Pounds and the findings definitely won’t break the bank. Similarly, a colourful swimsuit or a pair of slippers can easily add a tiny pick-me-up to your look. Everything 5 Pounds also have a great selection of colourful scarves, which can work with a number of your outfits in different colour. Finally, you can always add colour to your wardrobe with beauty products. Hairpins, nail polish and jewellery are a great way to incorporate the above mood-boosting colours without looking like a canary in the process.

So, pick something in each of the above colours for those blue or anxious moments. Add a splash of colour to your outfit and you’ll soon notice the difference!