How to Choose Your Bridal Party

How to Choose Your Bridal Party

Bridal parties play an important role in any wedding. Whether you choose to only have a few members of
the entourage or opt to involve the entire squad, it’s crucial to select individuals who are eager to stick
with you. Don’t let this decision-making add to your wedding-related stress though! Here are ways to help
you choose your bridal party more easily.

Begin with the siblings
Without going too far, you can initially fill your bridal party with the people you have been with the longest, your siblings. The sister of the bride can be maid of honor, while the groom’s brother can be the best man. If you prefer that your best friends take these more important roles, you can assign your siblings to be bridesmaids or groomsmen instead. While you’re not obliged to include them in the bridal party, it’s always a thoughtful gesture to make family members feel valued on such special occasion.

Consider the event size
The size of the wedding party can be a telltale sign of the size of the wedding itself. Large weddings usually have a longer line-up of bridesmaids compared to smaller weddings. It would be impractical to get ten of the bride’s girl friends to join the bridal party if you’re having an intimate ceremony with very few guests.

Think about reliability and availability
Be practical when choosing your “I do” crew. You need people who are willing to do pre-wedding tasks with you and be the on-the-day team to help you get dressed. Appoint individuals who you’re sure are reliable enough to commit. Also, consider how busy they are with work or home duties. If they are too occupied to respond to group chats, chances are, they will be too swamped to assist you. If you must get loved ones who are really busy, be ready to give them less responsibilities.

Take note of the personality
Is your friend whiny? Does she easily panic? Or is she known for creating drama? Weddings can be very demanding. Pick someone who can handle the pressure or who’s not likely to start any conflict which can lead to bigger problems. It’s best to avoid personalities who bring nothing but negativity.

Mind the budget
Weddings are costly not only for the bride and groom and their parents, but also for the bridal party. Afterall, they are expected to plan and spend on the hen’s night and stag party. On top of that, they may need to shell out for the attire and make-up, or airfare and accommodation for destination weddings. When asking someone to join the party, set ahead expectations on what they may need to spend on. You can shoulder a part of the cost or prepare gifts like satin robes for your bridal party as a way to say thank you.

Evaluate your relationship
Lastly and most importantly, designate individuals who are truly close to your heart. It’s a big day for you and it’s important that you get someone whom you want to celebrate with and who wants to celebrate with you.