Easy Entertaining Tips

Do you do a lot of entertaining, but seem to always be scrambling at the last minute? Sometimes this can take the joy out of evenings with friends and family and add to your stress level. One of the things that we seem to all be short of is time. While you can’t add more hours to a day, you can find ways to save time. Follow these recommendations and tips from the professional party planners to ensure your next function are not only a huge hit but is as stress free as possible.

The one item all professional planners agree on for successful, stress-free events is proper planning. Very few people can put together a large dinner on just a few hours’ notice. While spontaneity is wonderful, it can also be stressful. In an ideal world, you’ll have at least one week’s notice for your event. Take this time to plan. Confirm the number of guests and the time of the event. You’ll now have the opportunity to plan the menu and details for the evening. Select menu items that chopping vegetables when your guests arrive. If your budget allows and your guest list is small enough, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and order meals from Hello Fresh for the event. These perfectly portioned meals will be enjoyed by all of your guests and will limit not only the amount of shopping required for the event but also the amount of waste. Ordering perfectly proportioned meals will allow time for attending to the remaining details surrounding your event. Gather fresh clippings from your garden for centerpieces. Set up your buffet table the day before the event and designate a separate area for drinks so guests can help themselves.

Schedule at least thirty minutes to relax prior to the arrival of your guests. You’ll be mentally fresh and ready for a great evening of entertaining!