This Fall’s Wardrobe Essentials

Summer is coming to a close, and that means packing up those bathing suits, folding those shorts, and looking ahead to the fabulous fall wardrobe essentials you’ll see everywhere this autumn. From jacket necessities to accessory must-haves, we’ve compiled the pieces of the season.

Bombers and Puffers
Comfortable and fashionable—that’s a dynamic duo every fashionista can get behind. That’s definitely the idea behind the jackets of the season. Every fashionista should invest in a bomber or puffer jacket this year. Easily dressed up or down, these outerwear options ran rampant on the runway this year, and protecting yourself form the elements has never been so stylish. Check out the trendy jackets at Urban Outfitters this season.

Metallic Power
You’re apt to see quite a bit of metallic this fall season—as if we needed more of an excuse to shine. Sparkles are all the rage, and this year’s runways have seen shining silvers, golds, and chrome finishes on everything from jackets to dresses, shirts to shoes. If you’re a diva that loves the chance to stand out, gather all the metallic pieces you can. You’ll definitely be on trend and draw the eye of all your fashion admirers.

A Wave of Tan
Almost every fashion house featured looks incorporating tan, a color long associated with fall fashion. Whether you’re a fan of rich camels or pale khakis, you’ll surely find a bevy of wardrobe pieces in this classic color. One of the tan essentials that every woman should have is the classic women’s trench coat—reminiscent of fashionistas of yesteryear, this closet piece is sure to take you through the fall and winter seasons for many years without every going out of style.

The Choker
You’ve likely seen—or been sporting—the choker this year, as this old 90’s trend regained some real popularity once again. However, this fall will see the rise of statement chokers, going far beyond the simplistic banded versions you might have encountered in local boutiques. Designers have opted for statement chokers that completely cover the neck, made in a variety of materials. From gold to fabric, you’ll find a variety of fantastic chokers hitting the shelves this year. This accessory is great for dressing up any causal outfit, and will serve as a definite attention grabber at your next shindig.

Techie Essentials
Every fashionista knows staying on trend means adding little details to form a fully polished look. From headband to socks, and everywhere in between, accessories can truly make the outfit. But have you ever stopped to consider the accessory you have with you at any given moment of the day? That’s right, we’re talking about smartphones. Don’t forget to outfit your most valuable possession with a trendy cover. Check out Touch of Modern iPhone cases and make sure every portion of your outfit is on point. It’s all in the details, ladies, and protecting your phone should be top priority anyway.

On Trend and On Time
Another accessory essential every fashionista needs this fall is a statement watch. Look punctual and put together with a brand new Feral wrap around watch. These unique watches are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and can easily dress up any look.

The Power of Pinstripes
Pinstripes aren’t just for the boardroom anymore. This year, pinstripes were all over the runway, and the best news is that this look is flattering on just about everyone. Vertical stripes help to lengthen and slim the body, making you appear more statuesque and slender in one fell swoop.

Pretty Pantsuits
With the election coming up, is it any surprise that pantsuits have reemerged on the fashion scene? Make Hillary Clinton proud with some tailored pantsuits that will show you’re powerful in the office but fun and trendy at the after work happy hour.

Get on your fashion game this fall by following all the latest trends. Incorporate these amazing, stylish pieces into your wardrobe and treat the world as your runway.