Fashion Gifts for a Debonair Guy

Is your guy as debonair as Fred Astaire? Does he take longer than you to get ready? We can totally appreciate that. Whether he looks like he should be in magazines or not, we love a guy who takes pride in his sense of style. There’s nothing quite as sexy as a guy with panache, but when it comes to buy for him, you might find yourself in a bit of a panic. What do you get for the man who has everything? Read on for some tips on fashions gifts for a debonair guy. He’ll appreciate that, when it comes to style, you’ve got his back (well, whole body).

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize
Is his closet already brimming with the season’s latest styles? Consider some accessories for your favorite guy. If he’s as stylish as it sounds, he could certainly pull off a man scarf. Any male that can accomplish this is okay in our books. We also love jewelry on a guy, and find that it’s not often worn enough by most men. We’re not talking about dripping in chains by any means, but a stylish ring, necklace, and even a masculine bracelet can be super sexy. And don’t even get us started on what a gorgeous watch can do for a guy’s wrist. Swoon. Whatever you do, do not neglect his feet. Remember, you want him looking fab from head to toe. Shop Stance – The Uncommon Thread for socks that take ordinary to extraordinary. Alas, the true test is whether he can get away with a “man purse”. We joke, we joke, but if your guy is running around town in stylish clothes but tops it off with a backpack, he’s doing it all wrong.

Consider a Coat
When it comes to coats, men tend to hold onto ones they’ve had for far too long. He might not feel like it’s something he wants to spend his money on, which makes it all the better for you to use as a gift. From the classic men’s trench and the bombastic bomber to a stylish ski coat and the modern barn coat for fall, coats on guys can really make or break an ensemble. Make sure he makes his with a gift you know he’ll love. And keep him warm to boot.

Shirts and Sweaters for the Win
It’s hard for a woman to know how to buy pants for her man unless you have his exact measurements, but shirts and sweaters tend to be easier. H & M has a ton of suave sweaters (sorry, “jumpers”!) that won’t break the bank, and Nordstrom’s is always a sure thing, too. Shirts can sometimes be a bit tricky depending on whether he needs you to buy him something in “long”, but it’s hard to go wrong with a simple button down from J. Crew or Banana Republic. Nordstrom Rack has racks upon racks (hence the name, of course) of shirts for men and, particular if you buy them on clearance, your purse (and he!) will thank you. Last but not least, nearly all guys love flannels. They just do. It must be in their DNA or something. But you don’t want to get your debonair dude something that looks like he could enter a lumberjack contest. These days, nearly all shirts for me are slim fit—yes, even flannels.

Think Men’s Tees
Even if your guy works uptown in the financial district, chances are he spends his weekends in a t-shirt. Most guys do, but the stylish guys don’t want just any old tee. Gone are the days of his college fraternity t-shirts. In its place are fitted tees that have minimal designs on them. If you live near the coast, he’ll surely love anything from a local surf shop. And if he’s an outdoorsman (and even if he’s not), REI is the place to go. With brands like Patagonia, Columbia, North Face, and prAna, anything you buy here will go over with flying colors.

Have an upcoming birthday that’s been nagging at you? Follow these tips for fashionable gifts for your debonair guy and you’ll surely win significant other of the year.