High-Waisted Bikinis are all the Rage this year

Women have become incredibly sick and tired of the so-called stick-thin, idealistic body image standards
set up for them by the media. They in fact have finally come to love, be proud of, and flaunt their curvier

Countless women are using social media to share their sexy, shapely bodies with the world – and
encouraging a whole mass of women to do the same. This body empowerment is also catching on with
online blogs, ads and magazines. This is the age of full-figured mammas! Heck, there’s even a Curves
Appreciation Day every year in May!

High Waisted Bikinis are all the Rage this year

Retailers have begun to tune into this shift. More and more retailers, especially those based online, have
started to provide a large assortment of trendy and fashionable swimsuits that plus-size women actually
want to wear. There are even companies specifically devoted to plus-size women, offering a wide variety
of styles from florals to polka dots. No more blah, blah scanty pickings!

Supermodel Ashley Graham was one of the first to promote her curvier figure by modelling her own
lingerie collection, and of course you might know her best from Sports Illustrated, where she became the
first size 16 to be on the cover. Alessandra Garcia is another queen of plus-size lingerie campaigns and how could you forget Tess Holiday, the “body positive activist” who was on the cover of People
magazine. Curvy and voluptuous women like them are helping to change the world’s outdated standards.
Body positivity has even extended into the world of celebrities; actresses such as Melissa McCarthy are as
successful as any and are not letting any negative superficiality stand in their way!​

Despite these strides however, shopping for the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge for anybody. This is
especially true for plus-size gals since there are often not a ton of options out there available right at their
fingertips, or so they may think. Maybe it’s as simple as needing a suit in the “off-season” when there are
no swimsuits to be found in any stores. Perhaps you don’t want to burn holes in your shoes trying to find
the style you want. You might have kids that make shopping challenging, to say the least. That’s the
appeal of online shopping! You can quickly search through hundreds of swimsuits for the one you
will-die-if-you-don’t-have-it style! What’s more is a lot of stores offer free returns like
swimsuitsforall.com, in case you change your mind or it just doesn’t quite fit right. If that isn’t enough
incentive – why not check out swimsuitsforall.com/plus-size-bikinis to peruse Ashley Graham’s exclusive
collection — she is their spokesperson after all.

There are so many flattering styles available these days that help women to embrace the shape of a curvy
figure, such as the high-waisted bikini and tankinis offering sexy coverage without sacrificing your sense
of style. So go ahead and flaunt what you’ve got! Why try to hide it? If you’re shapely in this day and age
you’re lucky, because there are so many swimwear choices available. Hop online today to find your
perfect fit, the hard part is simply choosing which one.