How Much do Wedding Chair Covers Cost for My Big Day?

The bride planned the perfect wedding. Venue, flowers, dress, music. What detail could she have possibly overlooked?  The chairs!

Sometimes, the perfect venue has chairs that are in bad condition or the wrong color. Some even use folding chairs. Bad seating is hard to ignore.  It can certainly detract from the ambiance of the setting.  What can be done?  New furniture is not in the budget. Fortunately, the solution is simple and elegant.  Chair covers!

How Much do Wedding Chair Covers Cost for My Big Day? Image Credit: weddingbowtique

Chair covers deliver an enormous impact to the wedding aesthetic. Newly transformed chairs connect to the color scheme and theme of the bride’s big day. They create a tone of simple elegance that each guest will notice when they walk in the room and take their seat.

Chair covers are the perfect solution, but before they can be ordered the bride must answer some questions. Do the chairs at the venue have square or rounded backs? Or are they folding chairs?  It is important to know, because chair covers are fitted specifically for each type.  What cover color would coordinate best with the color scheme of the wedding?

  •  Chair covers are available in white, black or ivory.  They are made in polyester or spandex materials.
  •  Folding chair covers are available in black or white material.

Chair covers are affordable and the cost of each cover decreases with the number of covers ordered.

  • For example, one polyester chair cover, round or square back style, in white, black or ivory will cost £3.99 when ordered with 1-20 chairs.  The unit cost per chair decreases to £3.49 each when  21-49 covers are ordered; £3.19 each for an order of 50-99 covers; £2.29 each for an order of 100-249 covers; and £2.79 each for an order of 250-999 covers.
  • The cost for a spandex chair cover is less than for polyester.  These covers are available in round or square back style and in white, black or ivory.   One cover in an order of between 1-200 covers will be £2.49. In an order of 200-999 covers, each cover will cost £2.25.
  • A folding chair cover is available only in black or white.  There is no choice in the material. One cover will cost £3.99 in an order of between 1-49 covers. The cost will decrease to £3.79 in an order for 50-99 covers; and £3.49 each in an order for between 100-999 covers.

The chair covers are ordered.  But what if the Bride’s colors are not white, black or ivory?  How can the chairs more specifically connect to the color scheme and theme of the wedding?

How Much do Wedding Chair Covers Cost for My Big Day? Image Credit: nuomui

An exciting, optional element that really adds personality to the chair cover is a sash.  Sashes are beautifully-tied bows fit over the back of the chair.  They are available in three different materials and a wide variety of colors at the stores like IMA Trading.  Sashes are the perfect accessory that can add an air of sophistication or playfulness. There are so many choices. The bride will find the perfect sash to compliment to her big day.  Sashes are made in organza, satin and taffeta.  Each creates a different mood.

  • Organza sashes come in two widths and 55 shades that can tie perfectly with the color scheme of the wedding and add a touch of pizazz to each chair.
  • Shimmering satin sashes come in 11 shades.
  • Taffeta sashes are available in 25 colors.

A wedding embodies everything a bride has imagined. Chair covers and sashes contribute to a beautiful, coordinated event.  After all, beauty is in the details!

How Much do Wedding Chair Covers Cost for My Big Day? Image Credit: archouseideas