Protect Your Children from the Sun This Spring

Protect Your Children from the Sun This Spring

As the weather becomes nicer and warmer, we tend to want to shed all those layers of clothing we covered ourselves with and let the sun touch our skins. However, you shouldn’t forget that as much as the warmth of the sun feels good, it also contains some dangerous components, like the UV radiation which damages the skin and may lead to the development of cancer.

Children, in particular, are sensitive to the exposure to the sun, which means that you need to do everything you can to protect them from the worst of the radiation. However, that doesn’t mean that you should lock your children indoors until the sun sets. Instead, try adopting some of these policies.

Sunscreen Is a Good Start
Even in the spring when it seems like the sun isn’t too strong and harmful, longer exposure can lead to some serious sunburns, especially in the warmer parts of the country. Fortunately, sunscreen is available year round and isn’t expensive. All you need to remember is to apply it to your children’s skin before they go out.
While you are at it, have some yourself because you are never too old to wear sunscreen. It will prevent the nastiest of sunburns and protect the skin from the UV radiation. The parts of the body which are the most susceptible to sunburns are the face and neck since they are commonly exposed to the sun all the time, so make sure that you apply the sunscreen to these parts generously.

Hats and Sunglasses Can Help, Too
Whether you are going to the beach or just playing outdoors, a sun hat can do wonders for the head and the neck of your child. Not only will they feel cooler, but the hat can also absorb a lot of the harmful UV radiation due to the natural properties of the materials that hats are typically made of.
On the other hand, sunglasses have a different purpose. They are aimed at protecting your child’s eyes from the glare created by the intense sunlight, especially when reflected on water or light colored surfaces. Protecting your child’s eyesight is just as important as protecting their skin from the harmful sunlight. Plus they look pretty cool, which is always a plus.

Protective Clothing
There are certain materials like cotton and linen, and even hemp which have the natural property of absorbing or repelling the UV radiation, which makes them very desirable materials to make summer clothes out of. When picking clothes for your child, it is always better to have it cover as much of their bodies as possible with a light fabric, to prevent direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Regions of the world which are accustomed to the intense sun, like the Middle East and the Sahara region of Africa have known that for a long time, and their traditional clothing incorporates these materials covering their entire bodies.

However, these natural materials are better at absorbing the sun’s harmful rays when they are thicker and darker in color, which is not ideal for the warm part of the year. The compromise can be made by creating clothes designed to be easily ventilated and moisture controlled, something clothing companies such as ModerneChild have been perfecting over the years.

Artificial Materials
Most people try to avoid buying clothes made of artificial materials for one reason or another. However, there are some materials which are really good at protecting your skin, as well as the skin of your child from the harmful radiation coming from the sun. Certain pieces of clothing, like wetsuits for surfing or even regular swimming suits, are best made with these materials.

Choosing your child’s style and clothing is a balancing act between what they want and what is good for them. However, if you need to choose, it’s always better to go for the safer option.