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Berta’s Bridal for Winter 2014

With 16 years’ experience in designing wedding and evening dresses, for Berta fashion is a way of life and her designs are a form of art that comes deep within her. The Israeli brand’s latest collection is for winter brides with her charming style.

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Wine, Berry and Burgundy Outfits for Winter

You know emerald green is the pantone colour of 2013 and nowadays it slowly leaves its place to radiant orchid and all its shades. Before it conquers all the fashion world, we would like to share some ideas on another warm color namely the hues of wine, berry and specificly ...

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Gorgeous Examples of Winter Makeup

Don’t let your face reflect the winter’s depressive mood! Play with colors to create your own winter style makeup to look feminine both for everyday wear and special occasions. Winged eyeliner and bold lips are still the hottest trends

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50 Winter Outfits with Leopard

Among all the other animal prints, leopard has its special place for being ultra versatile and fitting in variety of occasions both for day and night wear. You can easily get that sassy and feminine look by combining leopard with red or gold which works the best for the upcoming ...

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