Tips to Make the Enamel Dry Faster

Ruining your nails as soon as you leave the manicure is one of the biggest nightmares of most women. At that moment, tinkering, bagging, answering the cell phone, and even driving can become real enemies of the female audience. Before you start waving your hands or blowing your nails to speed up the process – which could end up causing the much-feared air spots – it’s worth investing in a few tricks that can make all the difference to your enameling.

Cold water is trick to help the enamel to dry faster
In addition to drying and spray oils, some other home-made tricks can help to dry the enamel faster and prevent nails from spoiling. Cold is one of the greatest allies of women after enameling, making the drying process much faster. The ideal is to dip your hands in cold water. It is worth putting some ice stones to ensure that the temperature of the container will be well chilled. Leave the nails in there for about three minutes and then, your enamel will come out practically dry.

Putting your hands under running water can also be a great solution when you can not rely on the drying oil. The process, however, will need a little more care. If the water comes out of the sink with too much pressure, however, the action may end up creating the opposite effect. Letting the water fall on your hands for a few minutes is enough to ensure dry nails very fast.

In addition to drying oil and water, other simple tips can make all the difference
In addition to water, cold air can also help dry your nails otherwise. If you are in a hurry and you will not be able to wait for the enamel to dry naturally, place your hands exposed to the wind from a hair dryer with a cold jet. It is important to adjust the temperature of the appliance, since the heat may end up causing the enamel to disintegrate. The dryer must be positioned at least 20 cm away from your hands to prevent cold air from having a counter effect on the nails.

Now, if you want a professional solution at home, you can try buying a Nail Dryer. You can take a look at this selection of nail dryers and pick one up. It is a little bit more expensive, but the results are amazing.