Top 7 Products to Contour Like a Champ

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities look so flawless and have such defined features, the answer is contouring, which can completely change the apparent shape and angles of your face. If you want to jump on this trend, you must start with the right tools and products. You may already have many of these in your makeup bag.

The Right Tools
Top 7 Products to Contour Like a Champ
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Contouring like a champ requires the right tools to get that perfect look. At a minimum, you should have a concealer and foundation brush or sponge, a contour brush, and a highlighter brush. Although many people frown at the price of the higher quality items, they are worth the price if you want perfect contouring.

The right primer can make a total difference in your final look. A good primer helps to smooth out any bumps or imperfections before you contour so you can have a blank canvas to work with. The primers available from Amway are durable and can improve your skin tone at the same time. Make sure you pick a matte primer, which works best for contouring. Amway also has all the other products you need for beautiful contouring.

Your foundation is necessary for contouring, since it also helps to offer the blank canvas. Find a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. You may need to buy separate foundations for the winter and summer. Foundations also typically come in both warm and cool shades. If your skin typically has yellowish undertones, then look for a cooler shade. If your skin has pinker undertones, look for a warm shade. Apply the foundation before the concealer so you won’t need as much concealer, and you won’t remove it with the foundation.

Next, hide those pesky blemishes with a good concealer. Cover any pimples, discolorations, and dark circles underneath your eyes to make sure nothing will distract from your finished result. You may want to consider getting a separate eye concealer, since many concealers for blemishes are too heavy and cake up on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Contour Powder
You don’t have to buy the most expensive contour powder to contour like a champ; however, the quality of the powder will make a difference in the finished appearance. A higher quality powder will go on smoother and last longer than a cheaper product. Read reviews and try different powders to guide you to the best one for you. Don’t be alarmed if your contour powder looks too dark in the compact or case. Contour powder is meant to be dark to develop the shadows necessary to highlight your best features.

You can’t highlight correctly without the right highlighter. They come in powders, liquids, and creams and can be either matte or shimmery. If you tend to have drier skin, you may want to consider a shimmery highlighter. If you already have oily skin, a matte highlighter is probably the best choice. If you’re just getting started in the contouring world, consider buying a highlighter and contour powder set to make sure they work well with each other. Once you get the hang of contouring, you can venture out by mixing and matching.

Setting Powder
The final product you need is setting powder, and don’t think you can skip this step. Setting powder makes your creation photo-ready, and it also keeps your makeup in place all day. Good setting powder will typically be matte, although there are shimmery setting powders available. You can opt for one that matches your skin tone or one that looks white in the case. In a pinch, cornstarch actually makes a surprisingly good setting powder.

Now that you have all the tools and products, it’s time to learn how to use them. YouTube offers plenty of online tutorials to make sure you are using everything correctly and getting most out of your makeup. Once you have everything you need and get some practice along with your instruction, you’ll be contouring like a champ in no time.