4 Wedding Favors To Give Your Guests On The Special Day

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Souvenirs are often part of various occasions like weddings and birthdays. It’s a simple token you can give to guests to thank them for coming to your party. And although you have various options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right item.

So, if you’re looking for wedding favors for your big day, here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Custom T-Shirt  

Sometimes, an excellent wedding souvenir is something you can quickly get. For example, if you wish to give away something your guests can use often, you can make custom T-shirts. It’s a great item you can design to fit your wedding theme, and they’re affordable and easy to source.

If you wish to get good-quality wedding favors near your city, you can look for stores that can help you print your own t-shirt in Brisbane. Thus, some custom T-shirt companies may also help you design the tee depending on your preferences. Also, you can check the quality of their products before asking them to print your shirts. If you have a lot of guests during your big day, it’s best to place your request early as it may take time to produce your custom shirts.

Also, it may be a great idea to ask your attendees their shirt sizes early so you can order the suitable sizes. For instance, you can request them to indicate their clothing size when confirming their attendance. This way, you won’t end up with souvenirs that are either too big or too small. Alternatively, you can order free-sized shirts to ensure they’ll fit your guests.

  • Scented Candles  

If you’re a fan of scented candles, it may be a great idea to share them with your loved ones. It’s a small token that would represent you well, and there’s a variety you can choose from. Additionally, some scented candles come in appealing packages, so you can pick one that looks harmonious with your theme.

For instance, if you have a rustic-themed outdoor wedding, you can prepare candles with a similar design. You can choose ones in tinted glasses or opt to add a personalized sticker on the packaging to make them more unique. If you wish to incorporate them in your venue design, you can display them in one area or use them as table centerpieces during your party. Your guests can simply take them home afterward, so you won’t have to worry about distributing them one by one.

If you want to ensure your guests will like your wedding favors, you can pick simple but popular scents. For instance, they may enjoy the floral aromas of jasmine or lavender. You may also choose fruit-scented candles like apples or lemons if you prefer fresh or citrus scents.

  • Sweets  

Your wedding favors can be an item that represents your interests or preferences. For example, if you or your partner has a sweet tooth, you can give away treats to your guests on your special day.

There are various options, so you won’t need to worry about finding the right sweets for your souvenirs. One advantage of preparing sweets for your big day is you can customize and package them to follow your theme. For instance, you can put them in jars or tote bags to make them look more appealing.

Since you’re giving away an edible item, asking your guests if they have any allergies or food restrictions may be helpful. For instance, if you wish to distribute chocolates, you can skip adding nuts if someone is allergic to them. Alternatively, you can add a note on the packaging to indicate what your treats are made of.

So, it would be best to take some precautions when preparing edible party favors to ensure your guests can enjoy them without any problems.

  • Customized Photos  

Customizing photos can be an excellent idea if you wish to give a simple but memorable wedding favor. It’s a great way to personalize each token and provide something unique to each guest. Furthermore, it may be a great choice, especially if you lack time to prepare something since all you need is a photo booth during your ceremony.

You can set up a photo corner in your wedding venue and encourage your guests to get their photos taken. If you wish to make the prints more special, you can design the border of the pictures based on your wedding concept. You may also give away a picture frame your loved ones can use to display their photos.

The best part about using a photo booth is that you don’t need much staffing. You can book a company that specializes in events, and they’d be the one to manage the booth during your party.


Final Thoughts  

Giving your guests a token during your wedding day is a great way to thank them for sharing your special moment. You can consider custom T-shirts or scented candles if you don’t know what souvenir to prepare. Thus, these are great items your guests will surely love.




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