5 Best Accessories for Writers

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Today, without an inch of doubt, we can say that “with great writing, comes great responsibility.” Writing is a powerful tool. Whatever a writer pens down makes a powerful impact on the reader. Thanks to modernization writers also have helping tools at hand. There are numerous tools, which help a writer to correct, proofread and improvise for better writing. Also, if you got too much in your hand and need help, let say with your homework, you can get help in almost no time. Be it accounting homework or English essays, it can all be covered today in the best way. Rest, we have listed some accessories for writers to help in every way they can.

5 Best Accessories for Writers

1. Grammarly: This tool helps the writer to check grammar and identify the mistakes in sentence framing. Sometimes our mind reads a sentence and thinks it as correct, but that sentence framing might be grammatically wrong. Here is when Grammarly comes to help. It checks the framing of the sentence and also the grammar. The bonus is that it also gives you synonyms for a particular word if that is used again and again. Well, this is a paid tool, but it’s some features are available for free.

2. MS Word: This may sound outdated but is still a widely used tool for writers around the world. From its options in formatting to spellcheck and grammar check, this is still the most powerful tool for writing. From synonyms to antonyms everything is provided under one roof in this tool. Since ages, this tool has evolved with the writers. With every update, this tool adds something beneficial for the writers, making it writers most favorite tool.

 3. Cliché finder: Well there are two categories of readers, one who like clichés and one who does not. If you find yourself writing too many or no clichés at all, this tool will help you a lot.  This tool searches the entire document and marks the clichés in red. So you know if you have been using too many or too less. Basically, clichés are exaggerated expressions. There are instances when a situation has to be described using a cliché and many times too many clichés create disbelief in the reader’s mind, so this tool is a very handy one.

4. Daily page: This site was developed by professional writers to help and groom budding writers to improve their writing skills. It gives everyday tasks and checks it thoroughly for improvisation. Be it blogging or screen writing; this site has everything covered. It also gives everyday writing courses so that we get into the habit of writing regularly which in turn improves our writing. Once registered, this tool is certainly going to takeyour writing to the next level.

5. LibreOffice: The best tool used by writers is MS word. But it is paid, well thanks to the creators of LibreOffice, we have a substitute for the paid tool. LibreOffice is a free tool, which gives all the formatting tips, and grammar tips for free. It is a complete all in one tool. It also provides all grammar, synonyms, sentence framing, and antonyms. In short,it provides help in every way a writer need. You just have to pen down your thoughts without worrying about the grammar; LibreOffice will check it for you. 

Apart from these, there are many tools available online to help budding as well as professional writers. These tools will help in everything from proofreading to improvising writing. You just have to choose the right tool. Also, there are many websites which helps you improvise and wow your professors with your essays. The best team of professionals can help you get your essay right in every way. From spellings, meanings to grammar your essay can be made a worth read. Just write your weekly essay and see it transform in its best version.


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