5 Helpful Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

5 Helpful Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is the type of wedding where the entire event takes place away from home, maybe in another town or even country. Most of the time, the couple takes their honeymoon in the same town where the wedding takes place. Although mostly thought to be a preserve of the celebrities and well-moneyed folks, there is no reason why you should not have a destination wedding if you want one. When planning such a wedding, the stress can be a notch higher than when planning a local wedding, because of the distance.

However, with the tips shared below, it should be easy:

Choose The Most Favorable, Central Destination Possible
It is your wedding, but you still need your family, friends and other guests to come. While you may very well go do your wedding in Mauritius but you have to consider whether your guests will be able to get there.

You have to consider things like the number of flights that guests have to take, how easy it is to travel there, road networks and the weather. If the trip is too big, your guests might not even enjoy your wedding. It is best to choose a wedding destination that is close to home and then go for your honeymoon on that exotic dream island. But if you can afford to take everybody to a popular destination like Tulum, you can expect to have a dreamy wedding as event rentals Tulum can make everything possible for you.

Do Not Do The Planning On Your Own Only
Even when the wedding is going to take place in your town, it is quite a hassle taking care of everything. When it is a destination wedding happening in another town, the challenge can be bigger, more complex.

Enlist the services of an event planner to handle the technical details for you, while you prepare yourself for the wedding. Among some of the things that a wedding planner helps with include negotiating room prices for the guests, what you need to make the wedding a success in the destination you have chosen, and any permits you may be required to have. He/she will also contact all the vendors and confirm everything with them. Selecting the right and best wedding rentals is always the key to make your wedding grand and unforgettable.

Audit Your Guest List Keenly
You will need to put a limit to the number of people that you will invite for your wedding. To make this a fair exercise for both the bride and the groom, just put an equal number of guests, family and friends from both sides.

If you still think that your guest list is still too big, you can audit it once more and narrow it down further. You cannot have as many people attending a destination wedding as you would for a local town wedding.

Keep Your Guests Updated
On the wedding day, it is not practical for a guest to call the bride or groom to ask for direction. Thus, make a website dedicated to your wedding and pass the URL to all of your guests so that they can find every update regarding your big day.

Upload a well-detailed map, showing the route, and alternative routes from the airport where your guests will land to the wedding venue. You should also share all the information that will help guests know what outfits to pack.

Include weather details, name of the hotels where guests will be staying and the contact numbers they can call in case they get stranded. You can even create the website months in advance. In case you are not able to mail invitation cards to the guests, the website should remind them of the approaching wedding date.

Say Whether You Want Children To Attend Or Not
If you do not expressly say that this is a grownup only wedding, your guests will bring their children. Unless you have planned in regard to how to take care of them when the wedding is going on, food and sleeping arrangements, having children can be a logistical nightmare at the wedding. It need not be hard to put this forward politely. One way to do it is suggest baby care services in the areas that your guests come from where they can leave their kids on the day of the wedding. This just requires a little extra footwork on your part.