5 Unique Gift Ideas For a Teenage Boy

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Buying gifts for teenage boys can be a minefield sometimes! 

Fashions and trends change on a whim and what might be popular one day is probably not going to be popular the next. This makes picking out a gift early, when the price is right, incredibly frustrating for parents and anyone else who is buying for a teenage boy.

Mini Men

Teenage boys are also changing rapidly. A 13-year-old boy will have very different wants and desires to an 18-year-old boy, and he will also be at a different life stage too, making a blanket article about teenagers in general quite hard!

That being said, there are a few things that will appeal to most teenage boys from every age bracket, and here are five of the top picks.

A Cologne on Subscription

Teenage boys are just exploring their personalities. They are getting used to their changing bodies and to who they are as people. This is why a cologne subscription is a great idea!

Give the teenage boy in your life the chance to swap and change his cologne every month so that he can find a range of scents that work well for him as he grows up.

An Electric Skateboard

It can be tough to get around when you are not yet old enough to get your driver’s license, and this is a problem so many young people face!

If your teenage boy is responsible enough, a personal lightweight electric vehicle like an electric skateboard or an electric scooter could be a great way of giving him a little bit of independence while teaching road responsibility before driver’s ed.

He will also be channeling famous YouTuber Casey Neistat, and that is a pretty cool thing for a teenage boy to do!

A Laptop or Tablet Sleeve

If the teenage boy in your life is going back to school after a year or so of disruption, it is likely his school has moved over to paperless and paper-free options to reduce contact points.

Protect his expensive equipment with a trendy laptop sleeve or tablet sleeve to ensure that his devices are kept safe in his bag.

Many sleeves also come with a few pockets too for styluses, mice, and whatever else he needs to carry in there.

A Smart Notepad

Some schools may not allow full-on laptops and tablets in class due to the disruption potential of these devices.

Many, though, will allow a smart tablet that is not capable of browsing the internet but is capable of taking notes and being an asset.

That is where a tablet like the reMarkable is a great option. There are a few eInk tablets that allow your teenage boy to write on them, but this one has a handy handwriting to text feature he may find useful.

A Reusable Water Bottle

The last item on this list is a great option for a teenage boy of any age; a reusable water bottle.

Go for a strong glass bottle or a metal bottle over a plastic one, or you may wish to invest in a bamboo or wheat straw bottle. Help him save the planet and save some money!



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