7 Bikini Bottoms And Swimwear Trends In 2022

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Summer is just around the corner, and many have already started planning out-of-town getaways and trips to the beach. And to prepare for a fun beach holiday, it’s essential to plan out and pack your best bikinis and swimwear to make you look your best under the sun. Also, it’ll be the perfect time to take lovely photographs while frolicking in the water or lounging on a pool chair.

If you want to get ready for your summer travels this year, here are some of the latest trends in bikini bottoms and swimwear that you may want to pack in your suitcase:

  • High Waisted Bikini Bottoms 

High-waisted bikini bottoms have started to make a comeback this year. Though it’s generally considered a more modest cut than its counterparts, it’s also a flexible style that looks flattering on most body types. Also, the added coverage boosts comfort for the wearer.

To help you explore designs, you can consider the Bydee High Waisted Bikini Bottoms collection, which features various prints, colors, and styles. This collection includes floral designs, patterns, and color combinations that will liven up your summer 2022 attire.   

  • Underwired Bikini Tops 

Bikini tops with underwire provide added support for the breasts, and they also have a lifting and sculpting effect. They help create a fuller silhouette for the bosom and more definition for the cleavage area. Moreover, the addition of an underwire boosts the strength of the foam and the fabric that protects the breasts. In effect, it improves the overall durability of the garment.

Underwired bikini tops are recommended for those who want added support for a full bosom, as they can boost comfort and minimize back pain.

  • Cut Outs 

Cutouts offer a good balance of exposure and concealment in strategic areas that would give off a sexy, flattering look without going over the top or sacrificing comfort. They also offer visual interest to a plain swimsuit or bikini with the various types of cuts and designs to choose from.

Their flexibility in style and design also allows for use outside the water. For instance, cutout maillots can be used as an alternative top when worn with a pair of denim jeans or a flowy skirt. Thus, buying a cutout swimsuit will expand your swimwear wardrobe, and it can also be helpful as a casual garment.

  • Metal Chains 

Metal chains have become a go-to addition for swimsuits, commonly used as straps for both tops and bottoms and embellishments for belts and other details. Adding thick, shiny metal to swimwear is an excellent alternative to wearing body accessories such as necklaces or bracelets. Hence, if you want an understated yet elegant look, you can consider this style for your next beach trip.

  • Metallic Fabrics 

Another way to incorporate shine into your beach wardrobe is by wearing a swimsuit made from metallic fabric. This fabric flatters most skin types, and they’re also easy to accessorize. If you want to highlight your sun-kissed glow, you can wear silver swimwear and put on light-colored accessories such as pearls or floral earrings.

Meanwhile, swimwear tailored with gold fabric would look fabulous if you want to spend time at the club enjoying the nightlife at the beach or if you want a glamorous vibe for night swimming.

  • Belted Bikini Bottoms And Swimsuits 

Belts are also on-trend for this year’s beachwear. They add color, style, and dimension to a swimsuit, and the highlight on the waistline is also figure-flattering for any body type. To maximize the effect of your belted swimwear, you’ll need to select the correct thickness that would suit you best.

For instance, women with long torsos would look great wearing a thick belt in a color that contrasts the garment. On the other hand, thinner straps in a similar shade to the swimsuit would look great for short-waisted body types.   

  • Puff Sleeves 

If you want more coverage for your arms and shoulders without wearing a coverup all the time, you can consider swimwear with puff sleeves. Depending on your preference, you can choose from maillots to bandeaus and one-shouldered styles. The puff sleeves add variety and visual interest to the garment while giving off a low-key sultry and flirty vibe perfect for the summer.


Selecting your swim attire adds up to all the excitement summer brings. It allows you to prepare for those Instagram-worthy moments where you can show the highlights of your trip wearing your best swimwear and accessories. Also, this year may be the perfect time to try on new summer looks that you’ve yet to try and explore. With the suggestions above, you can discover which trendy beach attire would highlight your most flattering features and make you feel your best.


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