7 Style Pieces for ’90s Fashion Lovers

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Oh, the ’90s. There are so many things memorable about that era, and people who grew up during that time remember a lot of things. Boy bands were a thing, frosted tips were in, slap bracelets were a craze, and of course, the Macarena. While most of the things mentioned would receive an eye roll or two or a bit of cringe from the current generation, some things are making a comeback.

No one can get enough of the ’90s nostalgia, after all. One of the most remarkable comebacks for this year is the ’90s fashion. Those who grew up in that era can probably find their old clothes and reuse or repurpose them if they still fit.

Unfortunately, those who were born later but love the comeback trend so much will have to do with what they have or shop for it. Here are some style pieces that are very ’90s.


Denim is one of the trendiest fabrics one could ever wear during the ’90s, and people have come up with several ways to wear it including dungarees. It also comes in long and short variants. Popular celebrities have worn them in either style but are seen in denim dresses as well.

Dungarees are usually worn in warmer weather and best paired with a shirt and comfortable shoes. You can even wear them with a backward hat if you want to pay homage to some of the most iconic characters who were known to wear it that way during that era. Otherwise, you can style it however you want.

Round Spectacles

In the past years, the trend for eyewear, in general, tended to veer to cat-eye and rectangular shapes. Now, sun shades and prescription glasses are favoring round. The size of it can vary from very small to large.

Leather Jacket

Who’s to say that the leather jacket ever went out of style? It never did, according to some fashion experts, and a lot of people are taking out their old leather jackets from their closet and wearing them with pride. It’s important to get a well-fitted one because this item of clothing does not come cheap.

If you’ve never owned one, you’ll be shocked by how much you can spend for a good-quality leather jacket. If you’re not against buying secondhand, you can actually buy it cheaper.

Consider investing in one because it will last you for ages. You can sell some of your unused clothes online and use some of the profit to buy your very own leather jacket.

Bucket Hats

Wearing a bucket hat or not used to be a status signifier in the ’90s. It had a relatively mixed reputation when the trend was its peak in the past. However, people are seeing them in a new light, as bucket hats are appearing in high-fashion runways during fashion week.

Cargo Pants

They’re not quite like army pants and flip-flops, but if you’ve ever found yourself looking for more pockets, rejoice because wearing cargo pants is in. At last, you can forgo carrying a bag for your basic necessities because you can store them inside the extra pockets.

Cargo pants come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, but the camo ones are particularly hot right now. There are many ways to style cargo pants, and a pair of flip-flops is not really one of them.

Fanny Packs

Another ingenious way to hold many things in the ’90s without resorting to a backpack or a huge purse was by putting them in fanny packs. Many people ridiculed fanny packs because these reminded them of several stereotypes.

Joke’s on them, though. The belt bags are back and causing a huge tidal wave in the fashion industry with several high-fashion houses making their own branded items being used by big-name celebrities and influencers.

How Much Do You Love the ’90s?

The worship for the ’90s trends and aesthetic is particularly a big hit among the millennial crowd. Some of these young adults even go so far as reviving old shows and bands that were popular during the era. The ’90s babies who are the grown-ups of today are immensely enjoying the surge in throwback trends. Nostalgia is indeed a powerful thing.

Did you grow up in the ’90s? Share your favorite trends during that era in the comments below.


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