8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

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Buying Christmas gifts for teenagers is hard enough. They’re at an age where they’re learning who they are as a person and what they like. So much so, that they can be rather picky. Teenagers are hard to please any day of the week. But during the holidays, you want to show them how much you care and appreciate their unique individuality. It’s a feat, and we get it.

So while you focus on the more significant gifts, leave the stockings to us! Small enough to slip into a stocking and still make them smile, stocking stuffer gifts can be tricky. So without further ado, here are eight stocking stuffer ideas for teens they’re sure to love. (Hint: Many of these gifts work well for tweens and out-of-the-house college students, too.)

#1 Cell Phone Cases

Are you getting your teen a new phone for Christmas? Then protect your investment with a phone case. Case-Mate offers Android and Apple cell phone cases to keep their phones from shattering on the pavement after accidental drops. Plus, they are offered in a variety of styles and fashionable designs.

#2 AirTag Cases

Plan on getting your family a four-pack of AirTags or a custom AirTag for your teen? Keep it secure on their backpack or purse with AirTag cases. Available in various prints and designs, from iridescent, sparkles and prints for teen girls to basic blacks and rugged protector cases for rowdy teen boys, there’s something for everyone.

#3 Touchscreen Gloves

Make sure your teen stays warm while texting at the speed of light. Instead of getting them regular gloves or mittens to keep warm this winter, get touchscreen gloves. With a conductive material on the tip of the thumb and index finger (sometimes more), your teen can still operate touchscreen devices to stay connected to family and friends without having to remove their gloves. Tom’s Guide offers a list of the best touchscreen gloves of 2021 — check them out!

#4 Music Subscription

Does your teen live in their earbuds? Music inspires teens in lots of ways. Whether they use it to motivate themselves for the big game or to focus and study for tests, teens need music to help define themselves and find their sense of self. So get them something intangible but inspirational like a Songify or Apple music subscription.

#5 Car Phone Mount

Make sure your new teen driver stays safe on the road, free from distractions. For example, with a car phone mount, they can mount their phone to the dashboard or clip it to the air vent whenever they get into the car. Sure, you might have one they can borrow. But get them one that fits their personality.

#6 Body and Beauty Care

Have a teen who spends lots of time in the shower or in front of a mirror? From body wash to hand lotion, teen girls and guys alike appreciate some self-care body products. Create a little nail kit, complete with nail polish, a file and buffer or fill the stocking with various skincare products like face masks, bath bombs and body sprays.

#7 Snacks and Treats

Round out your stocking with some delicious snacks and treats you know your teenager will love. Whether it’s their favorite candy since childhood or a pack of gum they could always use, they’re sure to appreciate it. Think candies, caramel popcorn, seasoned nuts and candy bars. You can even create a hot chocolate mix with miniature marshmallows and a candy cane stir.

#8 Wireless MagSafe Phone Charger

Keep your teen’s study area clean and distraction-free with a wireless MagSafe phone charger.  Super slim and safe for new phones like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, you can choose a MagSafe phone charger for their desk at home, their dorm or even the car, allowing them to charge without tangled cables that clutter up the area.

Extra Stocking Stuffer Tips

Now that you have some stocking stuffer ideas for teens, tweens and your kids home from college, here are some extra tips.

Keep a Budget — While often small, tech gear can get expensive. It may not add much weight or stuffing to your stocking stuffers, but it can rack up some costs. So be sure to stick to a budget, don’t go overboard and, if you have multiple children, be sure to keep it equal for everyone.

Consider the Stocking Size — Don’t forget to keep the size of your stocking in mind. When in doubt, double-check before Christmas eve, slipping the stocking stuffer inside to make sure. Find a perfect gift that barely fits? No worries! Simply wrap it and put a fun little riddle in the stocking to help them find where you hide it.

Organize Gifts — As you collect gifts, be sure to keep them organized. Unlike presents beneath the tree, you can’t wrap and tag these with names, so don’t get them mixed up. Also, be sure to remove price tags, precharge electronics and add batteries if necessary.

Ask for a Little Help — If your teen is a bit of a mystery these days, don’t fret! Ask them to create a list of their favorites: candy, colors, scents, flavors, music — whatever they love. This way, you at least have some sort of direction.

Create Traditions — Stick with old traditions or create new ones. If you get the sense your teen is over certain traditions or stocking stuffers (like yearly holiday ornaments), come up with new holiday traditions for teens like having an ugly sweater contest or making Christmas morning breakfast together.

Hopefully, this list of eight stocking stuffers will make awesome gifts for the teens in your family. When it comes down to it, teens love tech-related stocking stuffers, music, food and beauty care. Don’t forget the tips and tricks to help steer you in the right direction.



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