A Fresh Start: How to Advance Your Career in 2022

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When you look back on the past twelve months, you might question if you could have done more to climb the career ladder, forge relationships, and build a stronger relationship in your industry.

If you’re eager to enjoy more career satisfaction, a bigger salary, and earn the respect of managers and colleagues, you must make the next year count. To enter a more respected position that offers a rewarding salary and working life, you must establish various goals for the months ahead. Find out how to advance your career in 2022.

Say Goodbye to Last Year’s Bad Habits

Bad habits might be to blame for a lack of career progression. For example, negative thinking may have stopped you from applying for a promotion, enrolling in a course, or networking with professionals.

Identify the preconceived conceptions or bad habits stopping you from hitting your goals and eliminate them. For example, if you’ve been too afraid to attend industry events to network with others, book a place at an industry conference, workshop, or trade show to overcome the fear.

Reflect on Your Career

Consider your likes and dislikes in your current role, which will help you identify the areas you need to change. For example, if you receive a lack of respect at a company, you may need to find a position at an organization that recognizes your expertise and skills. You’ll receive the recognition and admiration you deserve in a new role, which may advance your career at a quicker rate.

Enroll in a Respected Course

Your qualifications may determine your career level in your chosen industry. If so, you may need to complete a respected course to advance your skills and qualify for a senior position. For example, if you’re a registered nurse and dream of becoming a family nurse practitioner or a pediatric nurse, enroll in one of the respected online DNP programs available to increase your credentials in your spare time.

Go Beyond Your Current Role

It doesn’t matter if you work in healthcare, marketing, or finance; it pays to go beyond your current role to learn extra skills. Look for opportunities in the business to expand your knowledge, which will help you become an industry asset.

For example, if you’re a nurse, learn as much as possible about telehealth or emerging technologies to improve your expertise, reputation, and patient outcomes. If you’re a social media marketer, gain an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization or content marketing to improve your chances of a promotion, pay rise, or a new career at a more rewarding organization.

Find ways to expand your skills, such as volunteering in other departments, connecting with colleagues, completing various courses, or reading industry textbooks or articles in your spare time.

Build Stronger Relationships with Colleagues

Climb the career ladder at a fast rate by forming stronger relationships with people at your current company. Establishing friendships with colleagues could boost your reputation across the business. Your co-workers or senior management will be more likely to advocate for you when a promotion arises, and they may even encourage you to apply for a vacant senior position.

In addition to taking an interest in your colleagues’ lives, go out your way to lend a helping hand, offer advice when asked, and avoid immersing yourself in office gossip. If you often help your co-workers and appear friendly and professional, they are likely to return the favor and vouch for you when an exciting job opportunity arises.

Learn About Your Industry

Many ambitious professionals make the mistake of failing to learn their industry inside and out. While gaining an in-depth knowledge of your role is essential, an extensive understanding of the sector will help you stand out from your peers.

When you’re not busy increasing the skills related to your career, you must observe customer/patient behavior, learn how different departments operate, read about emerging technologies and tactics, and understand the financial and legal issues an organization might encounter. It could help you make smarter, more informed decisions in a position, which may impress senior staff or a hiring manager.

Familiarize Yourself with Different Perspectives

Grow in your career and improve your leadership skills by learning about different perspectives in your field. Connect with people who aren’t afraid to embrace new tactics, technologies, or thoughts. Their ideas and opinions could help you make more intelligent decisions, view issues in a new light, and uncover potential opportunities, which could work wonders for your industry reputation, performance, and career growth. It will allow you to look beyond traditional thought processes and develop unusual concepts, ideas, and solutions.

Don’t Fear Failure

You cannot fear failure if you want to advance in your career. Don’t rule yourself out of a promotion or position at a new company due to potential rejection. Embrace an opportunity with both hands to secure a new role and salary.

If you work hard and apply yourself, you could receive many job offers throughout your working life. If a hiring manager chooses another candidate, use the process as a learning experience by asking a hiring manager for feedback to improve your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Promote Yourself Online

Opening yourself up to potential job opportunities could help you climb the ranks at a rapid pace. Become your biggest champion by promoting your education, skills, and experience on the likes of LinkedIn. Also, use the open-to work feature available on the profile, as it will subtly signal to recruiters that you’re open to discussing potential job opportunities.

Stay Motivated

It might feel easy to give up when struggling to impress your boss or secure a new position elsewhere. However, you must not lose sight of your career goals over the next 12 months. Regardless of the obstacles you face, make it your mission to improve your employability, expand your credentials, network with professionals, and boost your knowledge. Your hard work and effort will pay off in the end, which is why you must remain focused and motivated.


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