A Guide To Women’s Golf Fashion

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One of the best ways to spend your leisure time as a sportswoman is playing the game of golf. Our Algarve Golf Holidays allow you to practice your backswing, perfect your putt, and do all that you need to become an expert green-reader. However, a compelling aspect of women’s golf is fashion.

With the increasing number of women in the game of golf came a different form of women attire that makes it seem like a fashion competition between sportswomen. This idea is not only good for the sportswomen; it is also good for the sport. The statistical result has revealed that a large percent of fans love to see their favorite sportswoman dress smart and fashionably.

Having this fact in mind, beyond talent, you need to pay attention to what you wear as a sportswoman. Your expertise and your fashion sense are complementary.

How to Pick Golf Attire for Women

Browse through the internet, and you’ll find various options for ladies’ golf skirts, shirts, pants, etc. Therefore, with so many options, it can be challenging to figure out what to wear. Check out our pointer on how you can style yourself fashionably.

  1. Dressing by the Rules

Some golf clubs have strict dress codes. This strategy is an attempt to prevent indecent and embarrassing dressing. It has, however, received several criticisms as critics point that the strict dress code is a barrier to the game. For this reason, some golf clubs buy the idea and allow female golfers to dress freely in an attempt to entice members.

Therefore, you need to check with your golf club beforehand to know if there are restrictions. To ensure you get the best of everything the club has to offer, stick by the dress code if there is any.

  1. Women’s Golf Skirt

Golf skirts are a great option when you want to keep calm and expose your leg to the warmth of the sun. Skirts made from moisture-wicking materials will keep you fresh. If you wish for an attire that gives you adequate flexibility and free movement, consider a short A-line skirt.

  1. Women’s Golf Shorts

Would you like to get your pins out on an excellent weathered day? Then, consider golfing shorts. Get yourself a flattering and comfortable short. Make sure its fabric is soft, stretchy, breathable, and lightweight.

Extras like pockets on the shorts can be handy. If you plan to tuck in your polo, then, belt loops are essential. Get a smart leather belt to finish up the style. Also, consider shorts made from tech sports performance. The materials dry up moisture quickly and keep you fresh and dry.

  1. Women’s Golf Pants

When the sun is harsh, and you can’t seem to go for a short skirt or shorts, the next available option is Golf Pants. When your Golf pant teams with a smart polo, they form a fashionable golf outfit. The best choice for female golf pants is chinos, cargos, or khakis. They must also be lightweight and comfortable.


While your fashion style as a female golfer is essential, you do not necessarily have to follow the latest trend. The most important thing to do is to look for golf attires that fit and suit your shape and style. Also, go for a high-end designer, sport designer, and choose what represents glamour.


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