Beautiful Wedding Photography by Sandra Ro

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Wedding photo album means the memories that will accompany you for the rest of your life. So you should choose your wedding photographer carefully and without haste. Your connection with that person or team must be perfect and that must be someone you trust. We believe Sandra Ro. can be the photographer that you are looking for when looked through her testimonials. She has two passions of life; photography and her family. “There are passions that wherever you are always accompany you and life is always put so that what you are passionate about becomes the main path.” she says. When asked about when she started taking photos, she replies; “Photography has been with me since I can remember. When I was little I used to take those reel cameras with my friends and we took a thousand photos. It was always out of hobby that I worked in a family business, a construction business.” Why did she specialize in wedding photography? “I am doing what I like the most: telling stories between people, portraying their most important moments. Those that when the years pass are an incalculable treasure for children and grandchildren.” With her team, she focuses on portraying emotions and details without intervening. They want everything to happen naturally and to capture the magic essence of that special day. If their perspective meets your expectations, you can consider working with them on that happiest day of yours. Here are some beautiful captures taken by Sandra Ro.


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