Best Bean Bag Chairs for the College Dorm Room

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As you may already know, college dorm rooms are not very large. They have enough space for a bed, desk, and maybe a television, if you stack it on top of a mini fridge or hang it on the wall. There’s not a lot of room for extra furniture, which is why you might consider buying a bean bag chair instead of chairs or a sofa. But, the best bean bag chairs for a college dorm room are those that are versatile enough to be used as more than one type of furniture.

Upscale Bean Bag Chairs 

Of all the types of bean bag chairs on the market today, the upscale versions are going to provide the most versatility for a college student. This is because more expensive bean bag chairs can transform from a chair, to a lounger, to a large pillow, to a bed. These chairs, which are typically filled with polystyrene microbeads that move to cradle body parts as they settle into the bag, take on the shape of whatever furniture you’re looking for at the moment.

If you want a chair, you simply fold the bean bag into the shape of a chair and sit. The microbeads will conform to your seated position. If you want a bed, flatten the chair onto the floor and lie down on it. Before you know it, you’ll be blissfully sleeping on the bean bag “chair,” with zero pressure points and total comfort.

Ottoman Bean Bag Chairs

Another type of bean bag chair that’s a nice fit for college dorm rooms is one that can double as an ottoman and a chair. These are usually round in shape and fairly firm. They are often used as a footrest, but in a small room like a dorm, it works as an extra chair. With every square foot accounted for in a dorm room, bean bag chairs that can be both an ottoman and a chair are valuable. While you can’t sleep on this type of bean bag chair like you can with the upscale bean bag chairs, an ottoman-style bean bag chair is still a good choice if you want to take advantage of all the space you can.

Gaming Bean Bag Chairs

While not the most versatile type of bean bag chair, gaming chairs are excellent additions to any college dorm room. This is because if you’re like most college students, you enjoy playing video games or watching TV shows or movies. A gaming bean bag chair is specifically designed for people who sit in one position for a long period of time. Those marathon gaming sessions require a comfortable seat, and a gaming bean bag chair is perfectly designed for holding a controller without chair arms getting in the way.

The back of a gaming bean bag chair supports the user’s neck and back so that they do not get tired during a long game or movie. You can even use a gaming chair for studying, which means you don’t have to be a gamer to own one or for a gaming chair to be useful.


If you’re headed off to college and will be living in a dorm room, plan to buy a bean bag chair to give you more seating options in a small area. These versatile pieces of furniture not only offer comfort and an extra place to sit, but they make your space look great, too.


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