Best Wedding Trends For 2019

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Wedding experts begin months in advance so they will have the right wedding merchandise. Orders for custom wedding gowns are explored. Then designers provide several variations of the custom gowns. This allows brides who purchase their beautiful gowns from vendors like Azazie are able to provide the most up-to-date gowns in the market.

Royal Wedding

Whenever there is a celebrity or royal wedding, you will see the tides of that wedding for months to come. This year, more brides are going for big skirts with trains of lace. While the Duchess wore a more fitted look, brides are leaning toward ballroom gowns with yards and yards of lace.

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Wedding colors

The wedding colors this year are deep, warm, and chic.  But there is a twist. While the majority of this year’s brides will be wearing white, some of the more elegant brides are opting for black gowns.

Spring weddings are still trending with Pink blush as their primary hue. Coral is also a popular choice. If you want to wear these colors in late spring, go with darker and warmer hues.

Fall colors and into winter are emerald green, royal purple, and burgundy.

Gowns, dresses, and pants?

In some weddings brides are giving up the traditional floor-length gowns for a chic and sharp pantsuit. They create lines that make you look taller, and they are very comfortable. If you want to get even more trendy, opt for a jumpsuit. Solid colors are best, but you can wear a pattern if it is understated. When selecting your wedding outfits, remember, less is more in these cases.

Wedding Venues

Vineyard Weddings, Beach Weddings, and places of worship are always in demand. But, today’s bride is reaching for a more unique and interesting venue. Look for weddings in a distillery, green houses, and ranches.  Weddings in 2019 will be more other-worldly. Twilight weddings with white twinkle lights strung through the trees is a perfect backdrop for a greenhouse wedding.

What about gifts?

It is now completely acceptable and favored to ask for cash instead of a gift. However, you do not want to come across tacky. The answer is to set up a Honeyfund account. That is where you post what you need or want. Sometimes it is a special dinner on your honeymoon. Your guests go online and select which gift you would like to make happen. You pay with your debit or credit card fro the security of your home.

Living Accessories

Live flowers are being constructed into necklaces, bracelets, and headpieces. When a bridal party is  supporting live blooms, they will have to minimize the bouquets. Use lots of greenery and maybe a single bloom. Arrange the bouquets so that they look like you just picked them from the forest.

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Beautiful bride

This year brides are going natural. Any cosmetics used are to cover flaws and improve the complexion. While the bride will be beautiful and flawless. Eyebrows are to be perfectly groomed. For about 2 weeks before the wedding, Begin to use a lip stain. Stain simply makes your natural lip a bit brighter.


Just as with makeup, hair is being worn naturally. Loose curls are not restricted. Messy buns are popular this year as well a wilder freestyle updos.

The great thing about weddings in 2019 is, there are so many choices that every bride can create a cutting edge fashion look, without exception. Take your time and explore the trends until you find your perfect fit.


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