Can the Right Certificates Make Your Fashion Business Look Authentic?

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You may know that your business is completely above board, authentic, highly professional and second to nobody when it comes to delivering expert services, but your potential customers and business partners need to know it too.

This might be particularly important in the fashion industry, where concerns about sustainability and ethical manufacturing have long been stealing the limelight.

Certifications might be able to help you out greatly in this area. Even if you feel as though you have nothing to prove, you may find that your brand needs the extra substance in the eyes of the public.

Proof of Insurance

If you happen to be forming new business partnerships, certifications may be essential in order to get the official paperwork out of the way.

If all that stands between you and the partnership of a lifetime is a certification of insurance, (or lack thereof) you may well end up kicking yourself for not getting hold of a simple slip of virtual paper.

Plus, many of the best insurance companies can enable you to get it in minutes via a simple click or two on their website, so it is certainly worth checking out if you get a chance.

Proof of your achievements, awards, coverage and compliances can also be incredibly useful in convincing your customers that you are in fact the real deal.

  • Unfortunately, there are some imposter websites out there, so perhaps displaying your certifications is a surefire way to distinguish yourself from the more nefarious online actors.


Authenticity and trustworthiness go hand in hand, and what better way that to prove yourself as trustworthy than by clarifying your values and achievements by displaying certifications?

Say for example you made a commitment to only manufacturing sustainable clothing, there are plenty of certifications out there worth getting your hands on.

This can showcase your values to your audience and let them know that you are official and trustworthy.

Reliability and truthfulness can go a long way in the eyes of the customer, especially in fashion, a world that has not always made the best name for itself in these areas.

If you are committing to sustainability, it is worth taking a look at a few impactful and meaningful certifications, as they can look great on your resume/website/store window/clothing label.

Impress Your Clients

Certifications tend to look pretty good whichever way you swing it, as they represent professionalism, dedication and perhaps most importantly for anyone trying to grow a brand in the right direction, authenticity!

Impressing your clients and giving your brand that extra ‘wow’ factor can of course be done through the clothes themselves, but in fashion, clothes should tell a story and represent who you are as a brand, a designer or a manufacturer.

Perhaps the right certifications can help you tell the story to a greater effect and help you establish yourself as a company to watch out for.

  • It might be easier to get hold of a few certifications than you think, so why not cast your net out and see what happens?




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