50 Extremely Cool Scarfy Looks


Can you imagine a winter outfit without a scarf? We can’t. Combine your flannel with tights and boots then finish your look with a suitable scarf. Voila! You are ready for the weekend. Although Coco Chanel says “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off”, never take off your scarf, once you created

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50 Cool and Stylish Oxford Shoes


Oxford shoes are the most stylish and comfortable flats of all, don’t you think? Although they are originally designed for men, with some feminine accents, they are now women’s favourite footwear. They provide best alternatives to high heels for various formal occasions. If you still don’t have a pair of oxford shoes

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Trend Alert: Backpack is Back


Along with our wallets and makeup stuff, now all of us have our 4-5″ screen phones and tablets. That makes it hard to carry all of them in an ordinary handbag, so inevitably “backpacks are back”! Especially for daily use, there is nothing like a backpack which balances the burden on both of your shoulders and let’s your hands free. Whether you prefer casual style or not, you can complete your look

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