Designer Dresses and How To Choose One For Your Body Shape

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Finding the perfect dress is no joke. Women are very particular when it comes to dresses—some might look good while others won’t. One of the main reasons for this is because the dresses that you choose, regardless of their design or brand, might not fit well with your body shape.

Getting the right fit for your body type is just as important as selecting dresses that are both appealing and suited to your taste. If you’re looking for a vast array of clothing apparels that will suit you, you can check out The Volte Designer Dresses and see which ones are the best fit.

Below are the different types of body shapes and how you can choose the right designer dresses for each one to achieve a stunning look:

1. Apple-Shaped Body

Women with this type of body figure usually have thinner arms and legs. If an apple-shaped body gains weight, it visibly appears on their waistlines. Choosing the right dress is essential to get a look that goes well with your figure.

  • Take Away The Focus On Your Mid-body

In choosing a dress to wear, try to pick something which does not attract attention to your mid-body or waist. Avoid wearing bulky dresses or straight-cut dresses. Wrap dresses, A-line dresses, and V-shaped empire waist dresses will look good on you. 

  • Focus On Your Bust Area

Another tip for all apple-shaped body types is to divert the attention from your mid-body to your bust area instead. One asset of women with an apple-shaped body is having a fantastic bust feature. Don’t be afraid to showcase your best asset and wear dresses to enhance that look. 

  • Give Emphasis To Your Legs

Another captivating feature of apple-shaped body types is their legs. To emphasize your legs, try wearing mini skirts or short dresses. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short in height—short dresses will look good on you.

2. Pear-Shaped Body

The key attributes of a pear-shaped body are having curved hips, a full rear, and thick thighs. Getting a dress which will compliment your pear-shaped body is easy once you get to understand how to do it. 

  • Focus On Your Upper Body

Diverting the attention to your upper body by wearing dresses that have a colorful and bright top is a tip to take note of. 

  • The Perfect Fit

Always pay attention to the right fit on your dresses. They should never be too loose and never too tight. Choosing A-design dresses or retro dresses with a 1950s style are also good choices. 

  • Go For Wide Sleeves

Dresses with wide sleeves may not be easy to find but then take note that these kinds of style enhances your look. Your top priority for these kinds of dresses should be those designed with bell sleeves or kimono sleeves. This will help you balance the proportion of your body and enhance your curves and assets.

3. Rectangular-Shaped Body

This body type is fairly straight, with flat shoulders, and a bust that tends to be smaller or average in size. Among all the other body types, this one is the easiest to dress up.

  • Avoid Shapeless Dresses

Even though this body type almost fits all kinds of dresses, you should avoid straight dresses as these might not give off a very flattering impression, making you look like a board. Since your body type is fairly straight, you should wear dresses that would give your body some shape. 

  • Emphasize The Waist

Wear dresses that have a curvy waist style, or use belts to accentuate your curves

  • Pay Attention To The Bust, Neck, and Shoulders

A rectangular-shaped body type goes well with high necklines, especially if you have a small bust and long neck. You can create the illusion of having a bigger bust by wearing dresses with pockets, rushes, and heavy front details. You can wear dresses with shoulder paddings, too, though don’t overdo it. Be sure to invest in good bras as they help you define your body more by enhancing your bust area.

4. Hourglass-Shaped Body

This type of body is characterized by balanced measurements of both the bust and hip size. The waist is narrower, the shoulders are round, and the legs are well-proportioned with the upper body. There is quite a long list of dresses that perfectly suit this type of body.

  • Show Off Your Curves

The best way to show off your curves and accentuate your body is by wearing bodycon dresses. These types of dresses are the best because they completely hug your body, showing the right curves in the right places. 

  • Wrap It Up

Wrap dresses tend to drag the viewer’s attention towards the waist. This type of dress works well with women with hourglass-shaped bodies as the fabric will be pulled with the waist being the skinniest part of the body.

  • Use Stripes

To balance out your hourglass-shaped body, wearing stripes will help you appear less voluptuous. Skater dresses with vertical or diagonal stripes give off an elegant look while gently complementing your curves.

The Bottom Line

Identifying your body type will significantly help you in choosing the right style and design of dresses you should wear. A dress is what represents you; it gives off an impression about your personality even before you speak up so finding not just the good ones, but the perfect ones, is crucial.


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