Four Common Metal Roofing Problems in Homes

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Metal roofing systems are an excellent choice for a home. Besides, they are energy-efficient and efficient. Also, metal roofing in Utah is designed to withstand harsh weather elements, as long as they are installed professionally. The best part about this roofing system is that the initial investment is worth in the long run because it requires little maintenance.

However, just like other roofing types, metal roofing systems are also prone to problems, which are sometimes beyond your control. Therefore, you need to know the common metal roofing problems if you have or plan to install a metal roofing system in your home. Besides, knowing the problems that can happen to your metal roof helps you to prevent or handle the issues as soon as they happen to save on time and money used for repairs.


Your metal roof is at the risk of corrosion and rust if it is made of galvanized steel. The rust and corrosion take place because of the water-borne pollutants and water. You need to regularly inspect the water-resistant paint or coating on your metal roof to make sure that it is in excellent condition. Notably, a damaged coating increases the risk of rust on a metal roof. Additionally, when the roofing material gets cut during the installation process, it leaves an open edge that exposes the metal, which exposes it to moisture that speeds up the rusting process.

Failed Fasteners

Metal roofs have bolts and clips that hold the standing seam down. These two are critical elements of the metal roofing system. Also, fasteners are exposed to several forces that can make them ineffective, such as wind-induced vibrations, corrosion, and metal fatigue. Therefore, the chances of wind lifting the metal roof panels and separating them from the roof are high if a good number of fasteners are loose or fail.

Oil Canning

Oil canning, also called buckling, is a standard metal roofing concern for most people. The problem occurs when the panel is not able to retain its flatness because it is over-stressed. One of the signs to look out for to know that your metal roof has oil canning is a wavy appearance. One of the best ways to prevent the issue of oil canning is to choose a thicker panel during installation.


Leaks are common roofing problems in homes irrespective of the roofing material used on the roof. However, leaks in metal roofing systems are a result of poor installation. Some of the things or factors that cause leaks in metal roofs include inferior sealants, placing the fasteners incorrectly, and defective flashings. The factors cause water to trickle through the metal roofing system, which causes leaks. Therefore, you need to inspect your roof regularly and hire an expert anytime you notice signs of leaks.

You cannot predict the future. However, being aware of the possible metal roofing problems puts you steps ahead during the installation and maintenance processes. You need to hire metal roofing experts if anything happens to your roof or you realize any of the above problems.



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