How to Find the Perfect Veil for Your Bridal Look

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In Ancient Greece and Rome, the wedding veil was specifically worn to conceal the bride’s appearance before marriage, typically because most marriages were arranged. Back then, brides also wore veils to protect them from evil spirits.

Fortunately, times have changed, and veils are worn for entirely different reasons. In a wedding, the veil plays an important aesthetic role. They’re a significant finishing touch for a wedding dress. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the correct type and style of a veil for the respective dress. Besides the type of dress, other factors that will affect veil choice include hairstyle, venue, and budget.

Start With Your Dress

A bride should find the perfect dress before trying on any veils. If you’re unsure where to start or what your style is, click here to browse 2021 wedding gowns. Once you find the dress, or even a few you like, try them on with any veil to pick the winner. When you have your dress picked out, you can now accessorize!

The dress and veil should match in color and shade, but it’s also acceptable for the veil to be slightly lighter than the dress if finding one of the same colors is a struggle.

The type and style of dress the bride wears will generally determine the length of the veil. If the bride wants to wear a mermaid, sheath, or ball gown style of dress, the veil should match this kind of material and style. Some of these veils’ styles include birdcage veils for shorter dresses and knee-length or floor-length veils for longer dresses.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Another factor for finding the perfect veil is to consider your bridal hairstyle. The veil will ultimately cover your hairstyle, so it’s crucial to figure out how much coverage you prefer.

For example, a low bun will likely require the veil to sit on the back of the head under the hair. This way, the hair is visible, and the veil won’t ruin the hairstyle or drag the hair down. Make sure the veil you choose will keep the hairstyle in place for the rest of the wedding.

On the other hand, a bride can place the veil on her head’s crown to help add volume to hair that will be kept out. Different types of veils fit different hairstyles. For example, the birdcage veil is more appropriate for a bun hairstyle, while an oval-shaped veil is more appropriate for hairstyles that remain out, as it’s a more sheer fabric.

Most importantly, choose a hairstyle that not only suits the veil but suits the dress and the other accessories as well.

Choose the Right Veil for the Venue

The venue’s location is not always thought of in the veil decision-making process, but it’s undoubtedly an important factor to consider.

The setting may influence the type of dress and veil the bride may choose because outdoor, indoor, or mixed venues may require different styles. For example, the bride may prefer a shorter dress and a knee-length veil for an outdoor venue, so the veil’s bottom doesn’t get damaged.

Indoor venues may encourage the bride to wear a long dress with a cathedral style veil because there’s less risk of ruining the fabrics indoors than outdoors.

Work With Your Budget

Lastly, it’s essential to work with your wedding budget. Weddings can quickly become expensive, and adding a veil to the dress can affect the bride’s budget.

If there is an expensive veil that the bride may like, this can affect the overall budget for other aspects of the wedding, such as the dress, venue, and reception. Find a length and style that fits within your budget. A shorter dress and veil are generally less expensive than a long dress and veil.

Different Factors Will Create the Perfect Veil

Being able to weigh up each element against your dress and hairstyle style will ultimately help you find the perfect veil. Just remember that each veil is different and will suit different dresses. Select your goal and perfect your wedding by adding that finishing touch.


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