How to Make Wall art out of Your Favorite Wedding Photo

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A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you must want to cherish it for a lifetime. You may spend a buck on wedding photography, so why not make your space a tribute to your love with the wedding photographs.

The fantastic wall art options like these are going to turn your place into a decor inspiration. So let’s discuss some excellent wall art ideas for your wedding photos.

A Statement Piece

A statement wall art for your statement of love in your bedroom is a great idea. A large canvas with your wedding day photo over the wall of your bed will genuinely look like a masterpiece. You can buy a framed canvas for a more finished look.

A Collage

What is better than displaying the small moments from the wedding, which you can’t miss? A collage for a collection of all your special moments on the wall where you usually relax.

You can hang it on over the hang-out area, where you usually sip coffee and gossip. You will enjoy looking at all those memories and your loved ones.

The Hexagonal Wall art

The hexagonal-shaped wall art stands out from the rest of the wall art. You can order a single or multiple frame hexagonal canvas.

They go well with the living room wall or the hallway wall. The seven framed hexagonal frame owns the wall, and the exciting design looks so eye-catching.

Unframed Canvas

Unframed canvas is a modern type of canvas that completely blends into the walls. They are preferred for a stylish and sleek design where the space is a little less. There are horizontal, vertical, wide, and square canvases.

Every type of canvas can be segregated into multiple frames. The multiple square canvases look so stylish, and you can create your wedding timeline in these small square frames. On the other hand, the vertical split frame goes with small spaces and is modern in approach.


Panoramic canvas

Panoramic can instill an array of beauty in your space. The horizontal canvas with all the background detailing gives the wall art depth. Be it a vertical dramatic or split panoramic, they add royalty to your decor.

Wall Display

The Wall display is a large canvas, and it complements the accent wall of your room. You can collect and show your most favorite memories on such a large scale. In addition, it can have a single frame or multiple frames. These options of deciding frames and sizes make your decor wholly customized.

Small frames

Hanging wall art is not the only option when it comes to wall art. For example, you can install some floating shelves on the wall and place a small framed canvas of your wedding day photos. You can also add small plants and your wedding gifts. Finally, you can set it over your reading area or a cozy corner.

Suppose you don’t want to miss out on a moment, then you can also hang a series of small or medium-sized framed canvases on the wall. You can cover sixty to seventy percent of the border with these frames. Again, a little effort will go a long way and look fabulous.

Pop Canvas

A pop canvas is not arranged in a single line. Instead, the frames are up and down alternatively. It can add fun and curiosity to your decor. You can add a comprehensive picture and divide the frames according to the people. It will add a wow factor to your walls.


To sum up

Wedding photo wall art is a great idea, and you must invest in this. The wall art is affordable, and with it comes the overwhelming emotions. The decor is the only thing that makes your home different from the others.

Walls full of your wedding day pictures are a sure conversation starter. So, give a thorough look at your space, take suggestions from your partner and give a beautiful makeover to your place.


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