How to prepare a Winter Garden Wedding

While Spring and Summer are popular seasons for weddings, don’t underestimate the beauty of a Winter wedding. Winter comes with a sense of coziness, romance, and decadence, especially when set in the natural beauty of a garden. With a Winter garden wedding, you can really amp up the luxuriousness of your setting, food, clothing and overall styling. Read on for some key tips for preparing a Winter garden wedding.

Choose Winter-friendly dresses

As a bride, you want your bridesmaids to not only be beautiful, but comfortable too. For a Winter garden wedding, your bridesmaids need to be warm. When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, think about length and coverage. Long bridesmaid dresses are a great choice, because it means your bridesmaids can wear tights underneath without ruining the look! You can also incorporate long sleeves into your long bridesmaid dresses, but consider a sheer fabric if you’re worried about your bridesmaids being too covered up.

Lights, lights, lights:

Winter days are shorter and the nights fall faster. For an outdoor Winter wedding, lighting is a crucial element. This is a great thing, as it means you can really make use of the romantic, soft appeal of outdoor lighting. Illuminate your guests by using strings of fairy lights, lanterns in trees, fire torches, lamp posts and even a contained fire for people to sit around. By using lots of lights both large and small, you won’t have to spend as much time and effort on other decorative features.

Utilize fires and blankets:

The number one priority with outdoor Winter weddings is warmth. You don’t want your guests going home chatting about how they were cold during the entirety of your wedding. Hire plenty of cozy blankets and have fires and outdoor heaters lit at all times (with safety and supervision, of course!). Your guests will feel warm, cozy, cared for and will be free to enjoy the mystical charm of your Winter garden wedding without searching for warmth.

Serve hot drinks:

Think of steaming hot vessels of hot ginger beer, mulled wine, hot toddies and Irish coffee. How delicious, fun and entirely romantic does that sound? That’s one of the charms of a Winter wedding, you can move out of the usual box of champagne and beer, and serve your guests a drink to warm them from the inside. People don’t often get the chance to enjoy hot cocktails and warm alcoholic beverages, so the novelty will be much appreciated.

Be well staffed:

When planning your wedding staff, make sure you have enough to keep the wedding running smoothly and warmly. Add a couple of extra staff members to be in charge of ensuring the guests are comfortable and warm, offering blankets and warm places to sit and talk. If there’s plenty of staff members to take care of you and your guests, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your special day and night under the Winter skies.

Try glammed-up comfort food:

Take the opportunity to go all-out decadence with your menu. Being outside during Winter (provided you don’t live in an extremely snowy or freezing climate!) makes people want to eat warming comfort foods. Hot, creamy soups with warm fresh bread, roasted potatoes and beef, gourmet macaroni cheese, and all things chocolate will go down an absolute treat with your guests. It will be like a luxurious banquet from centuries past!

Imagine a wedding in crisp, Winter air surrounded by Winter flowers, long bridesmaids dresses, faux fur stoles, mulled wine and decadent, soul-warming food. A Winter garden wedding has the potential to be the most exquisite wedding of all, with some thoughtful planning and plenty of cozy features.