How to Style a Cuban Link Chain – 5 Tips for Men

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Chains are visible elements that will make you stand out. Most men have discovered this secret and will adorn their outfits with stylish chains. The best bit about men’s fashion chains is that the options are endless, and you can get the right match for your taste and outfit. An example is a Cuban link; it’s a buzzword in the fashion industry and is a timeless fashion staple for men.

What makes the Cuban link chain unique?

The Cuban link is one of the stylish men’s accessories that you’ll find in many leading stores. It’s been popular for decades, with a history dating back to Egyptian cities. The Cuban link is a timeless piece associated with popular hip hop legends like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kan and Jay.

It’s a stunning chain with a conventional rope design. It features different links intertwined in a twisted pattern. It looks thick and chunky with oval links that create that detailed decorative look. Also, the chain is sturdy and durable, and you’ll get it in different materials.

How to rock a Cuban link

  1. Be simple but stylish

How you wear chain defines your look. So, accessorize your chain with other sleek timepieces, watches and rings. For instance, gold Cuban link chains work best with a watch with a gold band. You can still match it with the Cuban link bracelet on your other wrist. If you like that modern look, wear nice cuff-links and a striking tie. You can also rock a T-shirt and jeans to achieve that classic look.

  1. Choose your colors wisely

Gold chains blend in well with colors like deep blues, browns, and greens. On the other hand, white gold is timeless, and you can style it with black and dark grays. Although you can wear a gold chain with different colors, neutral hues work best and make your jewelry shine. A Cuban link will also accentuate your outfit, making you stand out.

  1. Match the metals

How you pair your choice of materials matters. While you can go for gold, diamond and materials, it’s advisable to stick to one metal at a time. For instance, if you choose yellow gold, blend it with other yellow gold accessories and avoid matching it with white gold. Yellow gold is favorite among many and will help you bring out that extra look in your chains. There are also instances when you can layer different metals only if you know how to do it right.

  1. Mix& Match

Nowadays, you’ll sometimes spot men rocking different chains at a time. This is a common trend, and you can play around it to achieve the desired look. For instance, choose two Cuban chains; one should be shorter than the other. There are different designs, and you can pair them with other Cuban styles for a great look. No matter your swag, choose a high-quality chain to match your outfit, taste and occasion.

  1. Consider a pendant

A great way of wearing your Cuban chain is a pairing it with a pendant. These chains look unique on their own, but combining them with a pendant adds a different feel to your look. Have the size correspond with your chain for a perfect look. Also, match the metals to make a stylish duo.

Final thoughts

Cuban link chains are great fashion accessories to pair with different outfits. You can wear them to achieve a casual or formal look. The material speaks a lot, and you’ll get these fashion accessories in gold and diamond. However, it’s advisable to order from leading chain stores to avoid counterfeits. Also, consider the ideas mentioned above to pull that stunning look with your chain.


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