How to Style a Sequin Dress

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If we had to guess, we’d say you’re the bold type—or wanting to make a loud statement, at least. How did we know? Well, the fact that you’re reading this is a fairly big tell! Sequin dresses shout the loudest statements of any women’s garment—save for diamond-studded dresses, of course, but let’s not break the budget. If you’re after a sequin dress, you’re after something as eye-catching as sequins are sun-catching. But where to start? And more importantly, how should we accessorise?

Keen to ‘sequin up’ but unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to style a sequin dress to perfection.

What to do with the ’do

Not much, actually! Because sequin dresses do most of the talking, you needn’t style your hair to extraordinary lengths—literally. If your hair falls in natural beach waves, for example, just let it hang! This will add gentle visual interest to contrast the sparkling array of sequins. Better yet, this ’do is doable for both long- and short-haired women.

Image: Alamour The Label

 See how the wavy hair cascades against the dress without distracting from the sequinned pattern? We think this looks fab. We also love beach waves in a ponytail—or in a fishtail braid, if you want to go up a tier. The former is exemplified below:

Image: Alamour The Label

…though, admittedly, it’s easy to overlook that lovely hairstyle in this photo. Was anyone else dazzled by that gorgeous, glittery mermaid train at first? If so, you’d be forgiven!

The important part of hairstyling to suit a sequin dress? Don’t overdo the hair accessories. The sequins speak for themselves! If you’re a short-haired woman, you may want to ruffle it up with a touch of mousse. Otherwise, a tousled bun will also do the trick. Keep it simple, natural, and even a little bit messy!

Choosing the right jewellery

When wearing a sequin dress, you should consider your jewellery carefully. Why? Because sun-catching sequins are so sparkly and eye-catching, they almost function as built-in jewellery themselves! Any jewellery worn should be metallic and minimalist—or, if the dress allows, themed and occasionally ornate. Allow us to dig into the specifics.

Image: Alamour The Label

The above gown uses sequins to create a glittery texture. These rose gold sequins hang in a way that is reminiscent of jewellery or jewel drop earrings. Because the bling is more or less built-in, you wouldn’t need to add much to this look. In fact, you could wear this gown as is and you’d still look stunning!

If you were wanting to enhance this look, however, a golden necklace would not go astray. You could even wear a few statement pieces. We can envision here chandelier earrings to complement the colour of your dress. This would work especially well with your hair up in a sleek bun. If you were wanting to create a contrasting theme, some golden, emerald-encrusted bracelets or earrings would nicely offset this gown. Pro-tip: to create contrast, choose colours opposing on the colour wheel. In this case, spring green is the opposite of rose gold.

To bring contrast and class, why not finish off your black sequin dress with some pearls? Pearls and sequins both catch the light and, in the right setting, they will bounce off each other.

Image: Alamour The Label

Either of the above would look fab with some pearl stud earrings. For the gown on the left, we’re digging the idea of a pearl choker or a strand of pearls at a ‘princess’ length. For the gown on the right, which has a much higher neckline, we recommend rope pearls or a strand of pearls at an ‘opera’ length.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s possible you may be lamenting the modest jewellery choices. And, if you’re seeking a sequin dress, we can understand the frustration! The good news is that bling is allowed, on the proviso you tone down the sparkles. So, if you choose to pair your sequin dress with a white blazer, you’re at liberty to break out the more chunky jewels or ornate jewellery. This is to compensate for the sparkle you’re covering up!

When it comes to choosing the right jewellery for a sequin dress, there are four golden rules:

  1. For the most part, keep it metallic and minimalist.
  2. If the dress calls for it, you may choose statement pieces, or jewellery revolving around a single theme or colour scheme.
  3. Choose fancier jewellery (aka bling!) only if you’ve toned down your dress or covered a significant chunk of the sequins.
  4. Never choose jewellery or accessories that also have sequins. Trust us—a dress full of sequins is enough

What if I want to add a jacket or blazer?

By all means, go nuts! Layering is such an important…well, layer of fashion. If trending clothes are the raw materials, then layering is how we unlock our signature style. Plus, if you love your bling-bling, a jacket or blazer would be your ticket to unleash the sparkly jewellery!

As with jewellery, you need to choose your pieces wisely. It bears repeating that sequin dresses are the main event of any outfit. Any further additions are more or less finishing touches. Choose something monotonal and neutral, like leather, suede, velvet, or—if you want to dress it down—denim. Choose something complementary, and put a blanket ban on busy patterns, rhinestones, and other sequins. Your dress doesn’t need to compete with your other garments!

Can I wear my sequin dress in casual settings?

Not only can you, but we encourage you to! Jeans and T-shirts have their place, but we would love to see dresses get a little more love. The best way to get more wear out of your dresses? Wear them in places you’d least expect. They needn’t just be ‘for special occasions’.

So, how do you dress down your sparkly sequin dress that outshines the stars themselves? As discussed earlier, you can add a denim jacket. Tone it down a few more notches with a graphic tee. Some may call this a clash. But with the right colour scheme, we like to call this an edgy juxtaposition.

Image: Alamour The Label

Shine bright like a sequin

Styling a sequin dress is like styling any other dress, but there are a few extra restrictions. The sequin dress is like that loud girl who draws all attention when she enters the room. She wants little to distract from her grand entrance. For this reason, you should layer and accessorise with complementary and monotonal pieces, which may occasionally match or make small statements—but none that distract from the main event. The sequin dress is your centrepiece and everything else is peripheral. Play around and see what you can come up with!




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