Important Things Freshmen Students Need to Have

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The first few weeks can be quite daunting for freshmen students as they can be overwhelmed with classes, friends and college activities. Therefore, there are important things freshmen students need to have prior to the move-in date.

1. Documents

You need quite a lot of documents when you enrol to college. However, there are some basic documents that are advisable to take with you to college dorms. Your passport is naturally the first on the list, you may need to show it in different occasions. Also, it is recommended to have you social security number and insurance with you. If you’re getting a scholarship or any other financial aid, you may need a special pack of documents with you. Find out which ones according to your situation.

2. Create a Packing List

An important task before going to college which you genuinely can’t ignore is creating a packing list for a move-in day. Don’t wing it. The common mistakes freshmen make is packing an excessive amount of stuff or on the contrary forgetting many things. It’s important to plan ahead. Begin creating a list as quickly as possible. Make sure all the necessities are there so that you don’t panic later.

3. Textbooks and Essay

Some students are so unprepared that they walk in to a class with nothing expecting that the professors will let them know about everything they need to bring. This may be acceptable for small universities but big colleges expect students to know the list of textbooks they are using and have them in the class for the first day. There may also essay assignments of the first day, so get ready for that in advance, too; reviews can tell you how to get ready.

4. Follow Social Media

You should follow the social media profiles of your university so that you know the news and upcoming events regarding freshmen. This way you can get an idea of what to expect when you move in. The best part is you can connect with other students and professors prior to the academic sessions and ease your admission process.

5. Meet with an academic Counsellor

Meeting with the counsellor is necessary to know the overview of the course and clearing all the doubts related to the admissions. You can ask the questions and get the answers before arriving to the campus. Remember that returning students get priority over incoming students. In fact, new students have to wait for three weeks to have a meeting with the counsellor.

6. Connect With your Roommate

It’s great to connect with your roommate on social media to know them in a better way. It may be very hard for many people to get used to the idea of living with a stranger. But if you get to know a person in advance, it may be less stressful. With today’s technology, there is no reason to be complete strangers during your first meeting as the freshmen students.

7. Learn Life Skills

There are dozens of life skills that aren’t taught in high school or at home but when you enter a college life these skills are must to stay worry-free and have sufficient time for enjoyment and studies. These can be doing laundry, book air tickets, maintain a car, etc. Think of what you will need to do on your own and learn the things you are not familiar with. You can learn these things on YouTube or ask your parents to teach you the skills such as cooking, washing and many more.

8. Explore the area

College students who stay far away from a college campus should take some time to explore the vicinity prior to the first day of college. Freshmen students who are staying near the campus will not have the real sense of the city they are residing in. To avoid the homesickness, it’s an amazing idea to make the campus feel like home before taking the transfer. Students who live several hours away from their college can explore town online via Google maps or different online platforms which include tripadvisor or yelp to check what’s there.

These are some of the important things freshmen students need to have before taking the admissions to the college.


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