Our Favourite DIY Bracelet Tutorials

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Tutorial: honestlywtf

Stuck at home on a snowy day and have nothing to do? Why not making your own jewelry? Colourful beads woven with strings, you can create many unique pieces in less than half an hour. There are wide range of patterns and models for both teenagers and grownups which go well with all your outfits and also make perfect gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday. You can find some crafty tutorials following this article and start the work immediately.

Bracelet02Tutorial: blogalacart

Bracelet03Tutorial: lebenslustiger

Bracelet04Tutorial: happyhourprojects

Bracelet06Tutorial: happyhourprojects

Bracelet07Tutorial: craftsunleashed

Bracelet08Tutorial: honestlywtf

Bracelet088Tutorial: honestlywtf

Bracelet10Tutorial: quietlioncreations

Bracelet11Tutorial: whydontyoumakeme

Bracelet12Tutorial: happyhourprojects

Bracelet13Tutorial: whydontyoumakeme

Bracelet14Tutorial: happyhourprojects

Bracelet15Tutorial: michaelannmade

Bracelet09Tutorial: howaboutorange

Bracelet05Tutorial: yesmissy


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