Reasons To Love The Aran Sweater

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Aran sweaters are one of the few fashion garments to have lasted the test of time and trends. Since they gained popularity in the 1950s, thanks to Ireland’s favorite princess – Grace Kelly, Aran sweaters have stayed in vogue. What is it about these wooly sweaters that people love so much? We know we’re biased but here are just a few reasons we think people love Aran sweaters.

They Go With Everything

Aran sweaters are undeniably one of the most stylish additions to any wardrobe. The beauty of an Aran sweater is its ability to work with any outfit. Model Alex Chung proved Aran sweaters worked as formal wear when she wore a classic white sweater to London fashion week. Alexa paired her Aran with a cream leather skirt, bow-detailed heels, and a black clutch. Meanwhile, singer Taylor Swift has been spotted wearing Aran sweaters on more than one occasion. Not only for a boho-chic look to launch her album, but she also wears them on set when filming.

The great news is you don’t need to be a model or pop star to rock an Aran sweater. Aran looks excellent on everyone, thanks to its flattering styling. Wear your’s with jeans, a dress or shorts and be confident that you look great.

They Are Water-Resistant and Temperature Regulating

There’s a good reason that Aran sweaters were and still are popular with fishermen and farmers. When you are out in all weathers, you need clothes that you can rely on. Aran sweaters have been protecting people from the Irish weather for generations. Thanks to the natural qualities of the organic wool used in Aran sweaters, they are both water-resistant and temperature regulating.

It’s these qualities that make Aran Sweaters popular with all lovers of the great outdoors. Hikers, surfers, and wild water swimmers are all embracing the benefits of Aran sweaters. The heat-regulating qualities mean that you will never be too hot or too cold in your Aran sweater. Perfect for a day of exploring and adventure. And when you’re fresh out of the water or caught in the rain, your Aran sweater will stay dry.

They Are Easy To Care For

Aran sweaters are remarkably easy to care for. First of all, they don’t crease or crumple. Whether they are stuck at the bottom of a school bag or squashed into luggage, your Aran sweaters will still look fresh.

Better still, they don’t need regular washing, so won’t add to the laundry pile. Thanks to their natural fibers, Aran sweaters will stay odor-free and mark-free. To keep them fresh for longer, they only need to be aired after wearing. Even if you spill a drink on your Aran sweater, it is easy to spot clean the stain—no need to wash the whole sweater.

A Slice Of History

When you wear your Aran sweater, you are wearing a slice of history. Even a piece of history that appeared in an exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoLI)! Aran sweaters were first made and worn more than a century ago. The stitches that adorn your sweater were created by women on the Irish Aran Islands in the Atlantic sea. The meaning of those stitches is said to bring luck, love, and safety to those that wear them.


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