Repair your Ray-Ban glasses from Home

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Ray-Bans are the best known glasses worldwide and if there is one thing they stand out for, it is their quality, which makes them very durable.

Despite their quality, the glasses of this brand are not exempt from accidents and the passing of the years is taking its toll, although it is true that they take longer to accuse the time than other brands of less quality.

Now we can buy spare parts to fix our glasses

Sometimes some Ray-Ban have ended up at the recycling point because there were no spare parts or the repair was too expensive to add the price of parts and labor.

That is over, because now the Ray-Ban repair is possible at low prices and from home, ordering spare parts online from specialized stores like the one we link.

Among the spare parts that can be purchased are lenses, temples, nose pads, screws, etc.

It can be said that we will be able to buy any part, which together with the prices they have made it possible to repair those glasses that we are so fond of, taking care of the health of the planet by extending the life of our Ray-Ban, which otherwise would go to the container.

The store provides us with the videos to make the repairsRepairing a pair of glasses is not complicated, as they only have a few parts. However, you have to know how to do it and that’s why the store has a series of videos that show us how to put the new parts in each model.

We will not need tools beyond a precision screwdriver if our repair requires removing a screw and can be purchased in the same store for a very low price, between two and four euros.

They explain how to order spare parts so as not to make a mistake

When ordering a spare part it is very important not to make a mistake, something that is not complicated given the number of Ray-Ban models on the market.

The online spare parts store shows us how to order them. For example, when we need new temples we must take into account both the color and the size, something that can be seen on the inside of the broken temple by looking at some codes.

The same thing happens with lenses, and we also have the information on the temples, in numerical codes that the store teaches us to relate to the part we want to order.

Original and guaranteed partsThe parts are original, because in this store are authorized sellers of Ray-Ban, which makes the spare parts that we put in our glasses are of the same quality as those who had, because they are the same.

In addition, all products have a two-year warranty with free shipping if we go over 34 euros and with a shipping cost of 6 euros if we do not reach those 34 euros buying spare parts for our Ray-Ban.

The cost is more than affordable, so there is no reason to leave our Ray-Ban broken in a drawer, being able to fix them in a moment in our own home and leave them in perfect condition for a few more years.



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