Stylish Daily Outfit Photos of Kathleen Post

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Kathleen Post is a 27 year-old young lady and she lives in Indianapolis. She has a blog where she shares her paasion for hair, makeup, fashion and all of life’s frivolous joys. She regards her blog as an escape from her “big girl” job and daily routine. When asked why she got into social media, she tells the story behind as this; “In August of 2015 I had just graduated college with a degree in marketing and I was two months into my first REAL job. I quickly realized that sitting in an office from 8-5 wasn’t the most thrilling activity and I desperately needed a creative outlet. I wanted to feel like I was working towards something bigger than my 8-5 and exploring something that excited me. Blogging and growing a social media presence has given me a way to share my interests with so many likeminded readers and followers. It’s been so fun to post daily outfit photos on my Instagram and share these passions with all of you. It’s taken a ton of hard work, time, and consistency, but I’m so happy that blogging is now my full-time job and I can truly do what I love.” Her outfits not only look stylish but also easy to pull together. All pieces she uses are budget-friendly, you can even make some of her combinations out of your current clothes as she uses basic-versatile ones. Wanna see Kathleen’s style right now? Just scroll down!


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