Swimwear Fashion Trends You Should Consider in 2019

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As 2018 is winding up, most minds in the fashion world are set for 2019. The designers in the swimwear industry are busy creating the best wear for next year.

There is no doubt that 2018 has been a great year for swimwear fashions. But wait till you see the designs that will rock 2019. They are just out of this world.

A majority of swimwear suppliers that we approached think that 2019 will see more colors and prints. Whether it’s the traditional swimwear, resort wear, athleisure wear or lingerie, they will come in vibrant themes and patterns.

Here are the top 10 swimwear fashions that we predict will take over 2019.

1. Neo-Tech Swimwear

Neo-Tech refers to a swimwear that is designed to act as a second human skin. The wear comes in a lighter fabric and an anti-struggle feature to assume the appearance of the skin. It also features clean lines. Because of this, the swimwear is also seen as fitness attire.

2. Rainbow Stripes Swimwear

This trend has been a sensation in 2018, and it’s expected to be popular in 2019 too. It’s a colorful trend that befits young and older women. The swimwear comes in a bikini style. So, it can also be used as beachwear. So far this season, the swimwear is one of the most sought-after in the best online swimwear stores online.

3. Rare Culture Swimwear

Rare Culture is a music style that dates back to the 80’s. The theme was all about vibrant colors and funkyprints. The style is being revived, and 2019 will see swimwear promoting the music culture. From funky looking fabrics to amazing images, the swimwear will rock the 2019 market.

4. High-Waisted Bikini

This fashion design has been dominant in the recent years and we don’t expect its popularity to diminish in 2019. We expect more people to buy it, especially the young women. Women who wear high-waisted clothes prefer this trend and they’ll be the majority buyers. The trend will definitely make a statement in 2019.

5. Surf-In Swimwear

This swimwear is designed for surfers. It comes in multi-trendy designs to offer the wearer flexibility when participating in a watersport or walking by the beach. The trend will feature recycled synthetics such as nylon and polyester. The prints on the swimwear will promote either a sundried look or aged appearance.

6. Ruffles Design

The curve for ruffles swimwear has been rising in the recent years. 2019 will see it reach its peak. For one, the trend is very seductive. Let’s be honest: which woman doesn’t want to look sexy in a swimwear? Things that make the trend flirtatious include the stylish beadings and lovely trims. In addition, the design comes in a technical fabric, thus practical.

7. Super Natural

This trend draws inspiration from the planet. It features eco-friendly fabrics like polyester and reprieve nylon. It is highlighted by prints that relate to nature such as palm leaves, flowers, and forests. The options include khaki, olive green, and brown.

8. Crotchet Swimsuit

The crotchet swimsuit may make you slightly nervous but if you are the bold type, then this is the bikini to buy for 2019. It looks like it has been hand-stitched. At the moment, the swimwear is gaining much traction on Instagram than on any other social medium. It comes in an earthly theme such as sandy color.

9. Intimate Things

This trend shows a smooth transition from lingerie to swimwear. The fabric is ultra-thin and includes options like nylon, velvet, and shiny jersey. The prints include flowers, stripes, boxes, and dots. The color is mostly feminine since the theme is flirtatious. Options include blue, rose, and off-white.

10. Baywatch Red

Lastly, the Baywatch Red is a trend for individuals who like to keep it simple. The swimwear is fast gaining popularity on social media because of its plain color. Other than this, people generally like it because it’s a one-piece wear.

No one knows how big 2019 will be with respect to swimwear designs, but we can only expect better and trendier designs. Of course, leading the pack will be the above highlighted designs. Therefore, if you were not sure about the swimwear to get for next year, it’s time you rush to the store and buy any of the above fashions.


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