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Jewelry Crush! Accesorize Your Arms

Do you think all those colorful bangles and bracelets are just for summer? You’re totally mistaken. Take out all of them and start your own arm party. If you’re confused about how to match them, no worries! Here we showcase loads

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40 DIY Ideas for Button Bracelets

What makes a better accessory than a handmade one? Extremely unique, crafty and inexpensive, button accessories grab our attention more often nowadays. It is maybe because of the long winter nights

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Handmade Pearl Bracelets for Brides

This roundup is for all the beautiful brides out there who are searching for a pearl bracelet to pair with their bridal gowns. For a fabulous and unique one look no further than Etsy which provides numerous

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Our Favourite DIY Bracelet Tutorials

Stuck at home on a snowy day and have nothing to do? Why not making your own jewelry? Colourful beads woven with strings, you can create many unique pieces in less than half an hour. There are wide range of patterns and models for both teenagers and grownups which go ...

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