30 Blonde Ombre Hairstyles You Must See


The ones who get blonde highlights in their hair regularly know how time consuming and boring process it is. Because of that, most of us keep on postponing our appointment with the hairdresser for the next dip-dye session. If you belong to this group, good news for you. Ombre hair is still

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Quick and Easy Messy Bun Hairstyles


Some days you just find it so hard to get out of bed and getting ready for work or college becomes a pain in the neck. For those days, instead of throwing your back into a ponytail, you can try a messy bun for a a fresh new twist. You can toss it together in a few minutes

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Shades of Pink, Purple and Green Hair Colours


Who can dare to try purple hair? Some people are amazingly adventurous about their hair colour. They can instantly decide on an extraordinary colour and try it immediately. Dark blue, turquoise, violet, bright red, bright orange and pink, they all sound crazy for the ones who stick to their natural tone or only dye

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Vintage Hairstyles for Party Season


It is true that fashion repeats itself through out time but comesback with a fresh new upgrade. Old becomes new and new becomes old. With its dramatic and sophisticated look, vintage never gets old even stays trendy all the time. From bouffant beehives to sharp bobs, the past is always there to inspire us all for party season. You can set aside your daily hairstyle to try something vintage to surprise your family

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