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40 Floral Outfits for Winter

We’ve lost the count of the floral outfits we’ve seen so far but still can’t help sharing more. You know the floral pattern is one of the hottest trend and almost all the designers embraced it in their latest collections especially for

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New Winter Outfit Ideas for Office

Only a few hours left for another Monday and the question “What will I wear for work?” keeps popping in our heads. Now lean back in your chairs and slowly scroll down to be loaded with new ideas for your

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Cool Winter Layering Style Examples

You must have already heard about layering as it is one of the hottest trend of this year. By wearing a piece onto another one is the main rule of this trend but unless you do this wisely, you can look as if your wardrobe exploded on

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50 Fresh New Winter Outfit Ideas

We heard that you have still been spending time on Pinterest and looking for new ways to combine what you have in your wardrobes. So we decided to share some of the best outfit styles that we compiled so far while all of us still have time to enjoy the ...

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Berta’s Bridal for Winter 2014

With 16 years’ experience in designing wedding and evening dresses, for Berta fashion is a way of life and her designs are a form of art that comes deep within her. The Israeli brand’s latest collection is for winter brides with her charming style.

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