The Best Anti-aging and Anti-stress Facial Serum Boosters

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Neurocosmetics has been a trend in recent years and offers surprising results on the skin. Beauty is also related to the body and mind, and for this reason, it influences the appearance of the complexion. The application of some serum face boosters has become the ideal alternative for its regeneration.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and, at the same time, the one with the most nerve receptors. For this reason, the condition of the skin is determined, in most cases, by the emotions. This has led to the emergence of intelligent cosmetics.

The benefits of neurocosmetics

It can be said that we are dealing with a beauty technique that connects with the state of mind and emotions with the purpose of enhancing the skin’s radiance. Neurocosmetics is non-invasive and can be used by people of any age, as its compounds are used to stimulate cellular activity to eliminate toxins and achieve a much smoother appearance.

The neuroactives treasured in the cosmetic products reduce skin tension and activate the senses to improve oxygenation and nutrition in a very short period of time. In addition, only a small amount needs to be added for optimal results.

Beauty boosting serum boosters

Facialderm’s serum boosters use neurocosmetics for the beauty routine. These products help to boost the result of other cosmetics for a much more effective effect.

Facialderm serum is characterized by including formulas that contain concentrated active ingredients. Therefore, taking care of the skin on a daily basis can prevent the effects of aging and improve its appearance.

However, there are different serums depending on the type of reinforcement that needs to be applied to the skin. There are energizing formulas that help improve the complexion against external aggressions such as environmental pollution, and others that focus on preventing the appearance of expression lines. For this reason, depending on the needs of each person, one serum or another should be applied.

Facialderm has several youth complexes and beauty enhancers to respond to each skin type:

  • Collagen Booster. A solution to make the skin look more luminous and wrinkles less visible thanks to the active ingredient Tephrosia purpurea.
  • Soothing Booster. A compound to make the skin more hydrated and soothed.
  • Vit C Booster Brightening. This booster uses brightening ingredients to make skin tone appear more even and luminous.
  • Balancing Booster. This serum has the ability to reduce pores and minimize the appearance of oil on the skin.

Defense Booster Glowing & D-stress. This booster achieves excellent results when the skin has been exposed to urban environments.

In short, just add a few drops of one of the indicated serums before using the moisturizer. The result will be a very pleasant effect on the skin. It is clear that neurocosmetics is capable of combating stress and the aging process thanks to active ingredients and plant extracts that offer immediate vitality.



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