The Four Best Designer Handbags For Investment

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Handbags are an essential piece in any wardrobe. More than that, certain handbags can prove to be valuable investments that can gain in value exponentially throughout the years. Specific designer handbags have gained prominence in the world of fashion and investing for not only retaining but also appreciating in value with each year. These handbags are not only tremendously fashionable, but also have long lifespans as they are made from the highest quality materials. Hence, this article will focus on four iconic designer handbags that have proven time and time again to be fantastic investments.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull handbag by iconic fashion brand Louis Vuitton is seen as an excellent option for beginners in the world of fashion investing. The classic handbag is known to be slightly oversized, making it a stylish bag that is not only chic but also practical at the same time. The bag, which features the classic Louis Vuitton monogram has been appreciating in value consistently in the past few years. Certain investors have been able to double the value of their Neverfull bags in the short span of a few years.

The Neverfull bag has all of the features of a great investment. First of all, the Louis Vuitton handbag is arguably one of the most popular and well-recognized brands when it comes to leather goods. Because of this, from pure brand recognition along, the bag is set to retain and gain in value. Secondly, the design of the bag has been a favorite amongst consumers ever since release. The Neverfull bag has continuously outperformed similar bags produced by the brand, which is a reliable indicator that there is a massive amount of demand for the bag. Finally, the bag has a very accessible price point when compared to other designer handbags available for investment, costing a few thousand dollars.

Hermes Birkin

Many in the world of fashion consider the Birkin handbag by Hermes to be the holy grail of all handbags. The Birkin bag has a tremendously rich history which has been forged since it was first created in 1984. Since then, many of the most influential individuals in the world ranging from cultural icons to political figures have owned the bag.

One of the main reasons the bag has become so iconic is because many believe it cannot be matched in quality. Each Birkin requires over 24 hours to create and is manufactured exclusively in France by expert technicians that meticulously check every fine detail of the bag. Furthermore, the bag uses what many argue to be the finest quality leather available in the world.

Clearly, the Birkin proves to be a fantastic investment as it is not only a market leader in quality, but it is also market leading in terms of being a cultural icon. The Birkin bag has only continued to become more prestigious and sought after with each passing year. Prices for the bag, especially those in mint condition have multiplied in value. The only problem with the handbag is the high cost of initial investment. Prices for the Birkin begin at just over ten thousand dollars. However, many styles of the bag such as those involving exotic leather can reach over one hundred thousand dollars.

Prada Galleria

The Galleria handbag, created by iconic Italian brand Prada, can be seen as the definition of understated luxury. Arguably the most popular and esteemed handbag released by the brand, the Galleria is known for tastefully combining luxury with a tinge of minimalism. The fantastic thing about the bag is that it features a straightforward and fashionable design that is still easily recognizable, making it a status symbol. The genius behind the design of the Galleria makes it yet another famous handbag that is suitable for investment.

The Galleria was first created by Prada founder Mario Prada and has since remained one of the best selling bags produced by the house. Each year, the Galleria is seen more and more as a quintessential luxury bag that everyone should own. Hence, demand is booming, and public perception of the bag is at an all-time high. Investing in the Galleria in popular colors such as black is a surefire way of investing in something that is certain to appreciate in value.

Chanel Flap Bag

The Chanel flap bag is one of the most recognizable designer handbags in the world. Chanel as a brand has taken the world by storm by creating a perpetually elegant movement that has stretched across leather goods, fragrances and apparel. In light of this, one of the best representatives of the exquisite image that Chanel has created ever since inception is the flap bag. Everything about the handbag from the classic chain detailing and strap to the Chanel clasp makes it the perfect embodiment of what has made the brand successful for decades.

For investing, choosing the flap bag that is truest to the original design released in 1955 is best. Flap bag designs that are most similar to how the bag looked when first released have been known to double in value in just two to three years. Costs associated with the flap bag start from a minimum of ten thousand dollars, making it yet another investment that has a high barrier of entry.

Ensuring Maximum Appreciation of Value

Each of the four bags discussed will undoubtedly gain in value with each year. These bags have all the hallmarks of a great investment, ranging from quality material to high demand as well as cultural significance. However, when investing in these bags, they must be treated as an investment rather than a regular handbag for daily use. Ensuring that these bags appreciate in value as much as possible means storing them professionally and using high-quality products for cleaning.

Thankfully, all of these bags come with strict and detailed instructions regarding how to best look after them. Following all of these instructions will ensure that the bag will remain in pristine condition and gain as much value as possible in the shortest period of time.


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