Tips and Keys to Create the Perfect Wedding Invitations

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Marriage is a key moment in the lives of many couples who decide to go one step further to officially forge their relationship and love. Carrying out the wedding preparations is a job that every couple must go through in the months leading up to the marriage. This involves a lot of chores, such as reserving the date – first of all – reserving the restaurant where the party will be held, choosing the decor and flowers, preparing a photocall, choosing the food, selecting the music and, for of course, prepare the wedding invitation. Although we know that all this is very exciting, we are also aware that wedding preparations can cause some stress. Therefore, in this article we offer you several tips and keys to create the perfect wedding invitations. Go for it!

How much time in advance do I need to prepare the wedding invitations?

Preparing wedding invitations means selecting the type of wedding invitation paper, the design that the wedding cards will carry out, and the style – whether we want original wedding invitations, elegant wedding invitations, or vintage wedding invitations, for example-. Of course, we cannot miss the text of the wedding invitations and, finally, the invitation envelope – which can also be personalized, depending on each couple. For all these reasons, it is recommended that the postcard preparation process has several months in advance. In addition, you must bear in mind that you have to allow enough time for the guests to organize themselves to attend the celebration, buy the gifts … at least if you want everyone who will receive the wedding invitation to attend. Therefore, it is best to order them 6 months in advance and deliver them to guests 3 months in advance.

The paper for wedding invitations

The choice of paper for wedding invitations is one of the most important processes, almost as much as the text. There are many types of paper that we can find, but what we must always be clear about is the design that we want our wedding card to have. The design we choose – such as original wedding invitations, elegant wedding invitations, or vintage wedding invitations – will define the type of paper we will use and the color for the wedding invitations. When we choose the paper for the wedding invitations we must take into account the following characteristics:

Paper quality: The quality of wedding paper should be the highest. Keep in mind that this wedding card will be a memory that your guests will keep very well kept due to its sentimental value. When you go to buy wedding paper, make sure that it is certified and that it is made with the best raw materials to give it a more durable and resistant appearance. This will guarantee, likewise, that any type of printing can be carried out on it without the ink being transparent from one side to the other.

Type of paper: We can find several types of paper for wedding invitations according to their characteristics. These can be smooth or rough, thick or thin. The most recommended for wedding invitations is that you opt for thick paper, although without going overboard. Find a middle ground. Regarding the materials, we can find a large number of types, such as graphic cardboard -ideal for classic wedding cards-, Tintoretto ceylon zenzero -ideal for rustic invitations-, Kraft material -for original invitations- and many still others, such as the freelife merida color cream, the century cotton – of great resistance and thickness – or the traditional cardboard in different colors.

Colors for wedding invitations: Of course, another of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the paper for wedding invitations is the color. This depends on the taste of each couple, although the most recommended are light, pastel or brown tones … There are also those who try more daring tones, such as gold.

Wedding invitations design

The design of the invitations is essential. This defines the type of paper for the invitations, as well as the type of text for the wedding invitations and illustrations – if any. Generally speaking, we can find 4 types:

– Classic wedding invitations: White tends to predominate in classic wedding invitation designs. They use traditional calligraphy and typography. They do not use illustrations.

– Original wedding invitations: Play with various colors and illustrations. These can be accompanied by other accessories, such as twine, fragrances … In general, they are usually fun. They accommodate the originality of each one.

– Elegant wedding invitations: Elegant wedding invitations are similar to the traditional ones, in terms of colors, although we can also find them in dark navy. The texts can be in gold and fountain pen style fonts.

– Rustic wedding invitations: They use more tan hues. Also, the thickness of the paper is greater. In it you can see the texture of the fibers. This type of invitation conveys serenity and comfort.

The text for the wedding invitations

The text of the wedding invitations is essential. This should collect the names of the bride and groom, the names of the parents, the day of the wedding, the exact time, the place of the ceremony and the city, state and year. They must appear very clearly, without confusion. You can also put the name of the godparents, although this is optional. The way in which the text for the wedding invitations should be written must follow the following protocol:

– Names of parents with a first and last name.

– First names of the bride and groom, without surnames.

– Date written, without numbers. Include the day of the week the event will take place.

– Mention the place of the ceremony and the address.

The style of the text can be formal or informal, depending on each couple. This does not have to be excessively long, the important thing is that it specifies the event that is going to take place and the importance of having the person who receives the invitation to attend the celebration. Likewise, guests can be instructed to confirm attendance at the event. The invitation will also include, if necessary, how many people it is intended for – to refer to the partner and children of the guests.

The envelope of the wedding invitations

The choice of the envelope for the wedding invitations must be in accordance with the design that we have chosen for the card. We can find a large quantity of envelopes for weddings, such as the lined ones —in the interior—, the colored envelopes and the envelopes with personalization.


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